Saturday, July 23, 2011

HF Interoperability Event: 5~15 August

All ham operators are invited to participate in
10 days of HF Automatic Link Establishment
activity on the air. The purpose of this event
is to encourage ALE communication techniques
among amateur radio operators worldwide.

START: 0001 UTC Friday 05 August 2011
END:   2359 UTC Monday 15 August 2011
The HF Interoperability Event is an on-the-air
international exercise sponsored by HFLINK, towards
readiness for HF Emergency/Disaster Relief and
Networking communications for the amateur radio service.

HF Interoperability utilizes the High Frequency
global standard Automatic Link Establishment system
used by governmental agencies and non-governmental
organizations for HF communications around the world.
ALE provides direct HF Selective Calling and Net Calling
for SSB (Single SideBand) voice and/or data modes.
The radio operator can call another ham callsign
directly; the ALE will "ring" the radio just like a
telephone. Nets of hams can be called up in the same way.
Pre-arranged schedules or internet connections are not needed.
This open event is for ham operators to check out
their ALE communications equipment, get real-world
experience initiating and responding to ALE calls,
link up with fellow ALE operators for for text or
voice QSO contacts on HF, and share helpful information
about setting up ALE compatible radio stations.

Thousands of amateur radio operators worldwide now
have ALE-capable stations, and many have been active
in previous years' events. If you have never used ALE
before, this is a perfect way to start. If you are
an experienced ALE operator, this is a good opportunity
to help a friend get on the air with ALE.

Use an ALE HF transceiver.
Use your Ham HF SSB rig + computer + PCALE.
Free ALE software here:
Join ALE operators on the air, and in the Global
ALE High Frequency Network ALE COMM CENTRE
Register your callsign and grid, to appear on the map.
Or enter as "Guest" for instant chat.
Chat room, and Real Time up-to-the-minute activity
log and maps of all the ALE signals around the world,
as they happen during the event.
HF Interoperability Event 2011
ALE On The Air Week: 5 to 15 August

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