Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oklahoma Web page updated

http://www.arrl.org/sections/view/oklahoma is the URL for the Oklahoma Section web page.

Have you seen the pictures from Altus, Norman, and Stillwater?

Have you read the news there?

What is your club doing?

Let your League Leadership know and follow the page closely for what's going on in YOUR area.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Hams help in Stillwater

Eleven hams assisted with the Stillwater "Parade of Lights," Christmas parade.

Working with the Stillwater Emergency Coordination & Communications Center hams
manned barricades, assisted with traffic and crowd control along with Stillwater
Police, and provided for public safety at the event as well as aided parents
with lost children.

Several thousand watched as Santa flew over Main Street in a helicopter provided
by Eagle Flight Medical Transportation Services kicking off the parade, with
thousands on the ground lining Main Street waving and cheering Ho ho ho and
Merry Christmas.

The annual parade is a popular event in the Stillwater area with groups and
bands from the region participating.

The hams are volunteers with Stillwater Emergency Coordination & Communications Center. They have an interest in serving the public and protecting the Stillwater area where they live.

The Director of the Stillwater ECCC Kirk Mittelstet KE5HQQ, said, "These hams are individuals who give of their time and money to spot storms, provide emergency communications, stand barricades when needed, and are involved in all city special events such as this Christmas Parade for the community. During the calendar year our volunteers
dedicated over 2,700 man hours to services for the citizenry of Stillwater.

They meet monthly and train regularly so they can provide the most efficient
support to the City's emergency responders.

Those hams involved with the Christmas Parade this year were: Richard Atkins,
KE5HQK; Craig Buchanan, KD5SCI; Leah Buchanan, KD5SCH; David Casey, KE5HQM; Rob Hill, KD5YOH; Lee Jackson, KC5PRU, Joe Minnick, KC5DPV, Kirk Mittelstet, KE5HQQ;  Jack Moore, KC5DPQ; Jim Shideler, W5JCS; and Tim Sickbert, KC9DCO.

"We are grateful to these men and women who volunteer their time and energy so
that the community in which they live and work can be the safest possible," said
Director of Stillwater Emergency Coordination & Communications Center, Kirk

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