Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Tower help request #arrl #hamradio

 I sent email to some OKC area ham clubs asking for assistance in
locating someone to help me erect a tower. I expressed desire to hire a
tower dog or if a club took it on as a project I could enrich their
club's coffers.

I got no response. Previously I asked for recommendations on the
trading email reflector and got one nibble who asked a couple questions
and went silent.

Previously I had asked for recommendations and got one, an actual tower
dog who works cell sites. He came, talked, looked, and disappeared.
Subsequent contacts did not cause a work party to materialize.

The tower is a new Tashjian DX70 that is about 23 ft long when collapsed
and weighs about 2300 lbs. I can easily rent something that can lift
more than 2500 lbs over 25 ft in the air but I can't operate it and put
in the bolts at the same time. Safety demands a minimum of 2 people.

I heed help.

Patrick, NJ5G

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