Saturday, October 26, 2019

World Radio Communication Conference Starts Monday #ARRL #hamradio

From K1ZZ

The World Radiocommunication Conference 2019 is due to open in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, on Monday 28 October. The meeting, which lasts four weeks, will be attended by three thousand delegates from most of the countries around the world, and will discuss and agree changes to the ITU Radio Regulations.
IARU and its member-societies will be there, representing the amateur and amateur satellite services with a team of 14 people from 10 countries.
Of particular interest to IARU are the positions on:
-              Agenda Item (AI) 1.1, to allocate spectrum in the 50-54 MHz Region in Region 1 to the amateur service
-              AI 1.13 to consider new spectrum of International Mobile Telecommunications, which potentially might impact amateur spectrum at around 47 GHz
-              AI 1.16 which could impact the 5 GHz amateur spectrum
-              AI 9.1.6 on Wireless Power Transmission, where harmonics of WPT systems can impact the MF/HF radio spectrum
-              AI 10 – where it is possible that future agenda items at WRC-23 could impact the amateur service, including the 1240-1300 MHz band.
What does it take to be an International Amateur Radio Union member?  Again K1ZZ explains:
To be eligible for IARU membership the organization must be a noncommercial association of radio amateurs, devoted to the objectives of the IARU and "substantially covering by influence and recognition the country and/or territories which it represents." The quote is from the IARU Constitution. The Bylaws are a bit more specific. An applicant must supply evidence that it "adequately represents the interests of amateurs throughout the country and/or separate territory which it proposes to represent, has the ability to meet its financial obligations as a member of the Union, and is legally able to act in the furtherance of IARU objectives within its country and/or separate territory." There can only be one IARU member-society representing a country or separate territory.

The "or separate territory" language makes it possible for, for example, Bermuda and Gibraltar (among others) to be members of the IARU separate from the UK, which is ably represented by the RSGB.
NO other amateur radio organization in the United States meets those conditions.  This is only ONE of over 50 reasons an amateur radio operator in the United States should be a member of the American Radio Relay League.  Do YOU want some other country telling YOU where you can operate your amateur radio station?

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

If you did not receive your ARRL ballot

Current reports from across the West Gulf are that almost all ballots

have been received.

However, there are reports from some areas that as of this email, some

Members have not received their ballots.

Deadline For Delivery Of Ballots To West Gulf Division Members

The ARRL's deadline for delivery of all ballots by third-class mail

to West Gulf Division Members is today, Monday, October 14, 2019.

If you have not received your ballot by the end of mail delivery for

your address today, then you need to notify HQ - via email - that

you have not received your ballot.

Failed Ballot Delivery Replacement Process

If do not receive your ballot, to obtain a replacement ballot you must

do the following:

(1) Send an email both of the following addresses: <> <>

(2) State in the email that you have not received your ballot;

(3) Request that a replacement ballot be sent to you by first class


(4) Provide your complete, current, mailing address to which the ballot

should be sent;

(5) Provide your name and call sign.

Note, if you happen to receive the original ballot and return it in

addition to the replacement ballot to ensure your vote will be counted,

both ballots will be disqualified.

RV Members

Some Members whose primary residence (sounds like fun) is an RV and who

have a mail service collect and forward their mail may be faced with the

destruction/non-delivery of third-class mail.

If you are one of these Members, please follow the above process for an

undelivered ballot, but add a statement that you cannot/do not receive

third class mail.

ARRL Postcard Regarding An Error In The Deadline Notice

HQ send a postcard attempting to clarify a poorly worded/inaccurate

notice regarding the deadline for receipt of a ballot to be counted.

The postcard appears to have created more confusion that originally


The deadline for RECEIPT of your ballot by the accounting firm

CohnReznick LLP remains Noon, Friday, November 15, 2019. Just be certain

you mail your ballot in sufficient time for it to arrive.

If after following the above procedure, you still do not receive a

ballot, please email me at

John Robert Stratton


Director, West Gulf Division

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Oklahoma DX Association Fall Banquet: Open Invitation! #hamradio

My name is Kim Elmore, N5OP, and I'm the President of the Oklahoma DX
Association. We're announcing our Fall OKDXA Banquet as an open
invitation to /*all*/ Oklahoma hams as part of a general effort to be
more visible to you. The OKDXA Banquet is set for Saturday October 19th
at 6 pm, and will be held in the meeting room at the Cattle Country
Lodge, 1200 N. 8th Ave., Stroud, Oklahoma. The banquet fee is $15 which
includes an all-you-can-eat buffet meal. If you've not been there, the
Cattle Country Inn is a bit of a well-kept secret regarding their
buffet: it's quite good! The buffet will feature fried chicken, fried
catfish, baked ham, lots of veggies, and some sumptuous desserts. I'm
not puffing this place up: it's quite good and $15 is a heckuva deal.

Our guest speaker this year is Bill Priakos, W5SJ, of Ft. Smith,
Arkansas. Bill was part of the TX5T Austral Islands DXpedition as one of
the operators and will present a nice show about his experiences as a
part of that effort. He's operated from numerous DX locations over the
years and is scheduled to go with many of the same group to TX7T
Marquesas DXpedition this November.?? He's well known among those that do
serious DXpeditioning and brings a wealth of DXing knowledge; we're
certainly looking forward to learning about his experiences and

At this very moment, two club members -- Jeff Martin (K5WE) and Bill
Roberson (N5AQ) -- are on a DXpedition to VP2V, the British Virgin
Islands, as VP2VEM and VP2/N5AQ. While their DXpedition is entirely
self-funded, the OKDXA helps fund other DXpeditions to more rare
entities.?? To that end, we always have a raffle as a fund-raiser at our
Fall Banquets. If you'd like to contribute, please bring an item to
raffle off and, while you're at it, buy some raffle tickets!

If you are a member of another club and your club will have a meeting
between now October 19th, please announce the banquet at your meeting.
And invite your ham friends!

While we often request an RSVP with your name and the number attending
so we have some idea about how many will attend, we don't require an
RSVP: the hotel will simply keep fixing food providing chairs until
everyone has a seat and fixing food until everyone is full. So, if you
know you're coming, drop me a line at But if
you're not sure and prefer to make a last minute decision, don't worry:
there will still be a seat for you!

73 and see you at the banquet!

Kim N5OP


Kim Elmore, Ph.D. (Adj. Assoc. Prof., OU School of Meteorology, CCM, PP
SEL/MEL/Glider, N5OP, 2nd Class Radiotelegraph, GROL)

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Route 66 On The Air has begun #hamradio #Oklahoma

RT66OTA has begun and will use EARS Repeater - Seeking Volunteers

Route 66 On The Air has begun!!!  Once again, we'll celebrate the legend and lore of Route 66, "The Mother Road".

Oklahoma City will again use the special event call sign W6K; Steve Duskin, NE5SD is the trustee for the call sign.  Use of W6K must be authorized by the trustee through the R66OTA Registration Page.

All W6K operations should be conducted in the Oklahoma City Metro area including Norman, and in the spirit of the event, as close to Route 66 as practical.

Operations from Oklahoma City area landmarks associated with Route 66 are encouraged, i.e. Cowboy Hall of Fame, the 'round barn' in Arcadia, the Route 66 Bridges west of Bethany, etc.  Mobile operations along Route 66 are also encouraged.

Formal coordination with the Oklahoma History Center and the Museum of Western Heritage/Cowboy Hall of Fame has been completed.  Mobile units may operate from the parking lots at both locations during their operating hours.

For the Oklahoma History Center, Monday-Saturday, 10 AM. to 5 PM.  For the Cowboy Hall of Fame, Monday-Saturday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM; Sunday, 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Please note: permission has been granted only for exterior operations only, NO permission has been granted for operations inside these locations.

For R66OTA contacts in the Oklahoma City area, the 146.82MHz and 147.135MHz repeaters have been designated 'R66OTA repeaters'.  Stations may reserve '2m FM' operating slots and use W6K on these repeaters.

R66OTA began at 0000Z/7 September and continues to 2359Z/15 September.  Radio operators may use phone, CW or digital.  Radio operators may also consider operating mobile on "The Mother Road".  QSL information is provided in the registration instructions.

To sign up as a R66OTA Radio Operator for Oklahoma City, contact Steve Duskin, NE5SD ( or Tom Webb, WA9AFM/5 (  You will be assigned a username (your call sign) and password to access the R66OTA Registration Page.  Besides your name and call sign, please provide a phone and email point of contact in case we need to get in touch with you.

Operating slot reservation instructions will be sent to you after you have been registered as a R66OTA radio operator.

You can 'reserve' two hour operating slots by day/time/band/mode.  Sign up for as many slots as you can operate.  If you sign up to operate, please honor your commitment and operate for the time slots for which you register.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Support for West Gulf Division from @N7XYO

I support John Robert Stratton, N5AUS, for re-election as Director of the ARRL West Gulf Division. No other candidate has done more to support our hobby and worked harder to guide the management of the ARRL.
I first met John at the Green Country Hamfest in Claremore, Okla. He was the new Vice Director for the ARRL West Gulf after Dr. David Woolweaver, K5RAV, stepped up for become Director.
From our first conversation I have found John to be a strong advocate for amateur radio. In addition to being a Division Director, John is a vital part of the ARRL’s Executive Committee. He is also a strong voice for the ARRL members with in the West Gulf Division and the Radio Amateur community at large.
John is a practicing attorney in Austin, Tex. I know that John has a love of technology that stems from love of amateur radio and his bachelor of science degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Texas.
John is a respected and well-liked and respected professional, which is only one of the many reasons why the Radio Club of America (RCA) recently appointed him to Vice President and Co-Counsel. And why I will be casting my vote for West Gulf Division Director for John Robert Stratton, N5AUS.

Mark Conklin, N7XYO
ARRL Life Member
ARRL Oklahoma Section Emergency Coordinator

Saturday, August 31, 2019

All Ham Dinner coming soon #ARRL #hamradio

Years ago, amateur radio clubs in the Oklahoma City area started an event that is now known as the “All Ham Dinner”. This dinner allows about 70 hams to get together, eat, and communicate with each other. This dinner is held on the third Thursday of January, May, and September at 6:30 pm.

The next All Ham Dinner will be held Thursday, September 19th, 2019, at 6:30 pm. This dinner will be at the Hibachi Supreme Buffet, (South side of the South service road of I-240, 1/4 mile West of Western) in south Oklahoma City. No RSVP is needed, show up, get your meal, and join the fun in their 100 seat north banquet room. The Hibachi Supreme Buffet has a wide range of food that includes, Asian, steak, french fries, Mongolian Buffet, pizza, salads, desserts, Italian, and Greek Gyros. It’s very affordable and there’s something for everyone.

The Aeronautical Center Amateur Radio Club (ACARC) will host the evening that will include a book signing and discussion of Michael Dean K5MFD's book "Oklahoma City Radio".

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Newkirk has a new Ham #arrl

Congradulation up there, Newkirk got a new Ham today

Josh Froese - KI5GAO

Thanks to Dave, KA0JON for this report

Any other new hams in your club?

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Are you checking into your local and Section Nets? #ARRL #hamradio

There are some local and Section nets that are available for your enjoyment.  

Monday, the Ponca City 146.97 net is available on Echolink for Statewide use.

Tuesday, there's a YL net on the Kan-Okla System.

Wednesday, the Wheatstraw net is on 146.01 mHz.

Thursday, the W5IAS system has a net.

Friday, the 220 group in the Tulsa area has a net.  It's available on Allstar.

There are plenty of others.  Do you have a favorite net?  Is it registered on the League net directory?

If it's too hot for you, here's two feet of snow
to cool you off.

The traveling #hamradio operator needs you to .... #ARRL

... keep your repeaters in your area up to date.

Two resources are available for the Mission.  Repeaterbook and Rfinder are online resources with Android and IOS applications.  The latter has replaced the ARRL Repeater directory.

BOTH rely on local users to let them know changes in the repeaters in the area.  The former uses area administrators to oversee the process but they don't do all the work.  The real work comes from reports from users like you.

Repeaterbook can always use administrators.  For example, if you are in the Tulsa, OKC, Guymon, Lawton, McAlester, Durant area, volunteer to be an admin.  There's no cost but your time and the value is immense.

In the mean time, summer travelers need to know what is available.  The next step is to have someone listening when the call comes over the air.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Hamfests #ARRL #hamradio

From reports, if you missed HamHoliday, you missed a good event.  The new location was a good choice.

There are plenty of hamfests in the area.  A quick search (just put your zip code and the radius you'll drive) shows:

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Winlink announces third-party traffic rules #hamradio #ARRL

If you are a US-licensed station that routinely connects to a foreign gateway, or a non-US-licensed station that connects with a US gateway, you may be affected by new CMS behavior. The Winlink CMS now will enforce US Third-Party Message rules.

Because Winlink is being severely criticized for allowing US client and gateway operators to violate US amateur radio third-party traffic rules, we are today starting to test automatic enforcement of these rules. Part 97.3(47), 97.115 and 97.117 apply.

If you attempt to send or receive a third-party message between a US-licensed station and another station the US does not have a third-party communication agreement with, you may receive a service message saying the message will violate the applcable rules and that the message is refused (if you're sending) or being held at the CMS (if you are receiving). Alternative means to successfully send or receive the message will be explained. The US has treaties with most countries in the North and South America, but not most European, Asian and Pacific countries.

If you are a US-licensee, you should have no trouble sending and receiving to/from internet addresses if you connect with another US-licensed gateway, or one licensed in Central or South America — as long as the US has a third-party agreement with the licensing country.

If you are a non-US licensee, you should have no trouble sending and receiving to/from internet addresses if you connect to non-US licensed gateways.

We wish this was not necessary, but we have relied on US client and gateway operators to know the rules and obey them—and most have ignored them, unfortunately for all of us. In order to clean up the violations we are taking these measures to keep US Winlink operators legal. All licensees have an obligation to study, know, and obey the Amateur Radio Rules.

New monitoring and enforcement measures are coming into play with the establishment of a new Volunteer Monitor Program, now being set up by the ARRL at the request of the US FCC. We're doing this to make it easier for US operators to avoid loosing their licenses!

We will be tweaking the behavior of this new mechanism to make it as friendly and informative as it can be. Please bear with us as we make changes.

Thanks and 73,

Lor W3QA
Winlink Development Team

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

#HamHoliday #QCWA meeting announced #hamradio

Previously, our QCWA CHAP 63 meeting was scheduled to follow the ARRL FORUM, and to precede  the ARES FORUM.   THE PLANNING COMMITTEE decided to schedule the ARRL & ARES FORUMS back to back since many participants would plan to attend both forums.

Therefore, the QCWA CHAP 63 MEETING WAS MOVED TO THE 11:00am to 11:50am time slot.  We will still be in Room  #1.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

#HelpWanted #hamHoliday #ARRL Section Convention #hamradio

Volunteers needed for Ham Holiday

Each of the clubs in the OKC area volunteer to fulfill roles at Ham Holiday.  The Edmond Amateur Radio Society is tasked with collecting volunteers for the Ham Holiday ticket sales/will-call desk and wristbands for Friday and Saturday.
Please contact Ron McCubbin, KC5QCV.  Volunteers are needed to sell tickets, look-up pre-paid tickets and help with wristbands.
We thank you as does CORA, the Central Oklahoma Radio Amateurs!

Contact Ron McCubbin:
(405) 255-5666

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Earl Bottom is Silent Key #ARRL #hamradio

Earl Bottom out in Elk City became a Silent Key on Sunday, June 23rd. Earl was a mover and shaker in Amateur Radio in western Oklahoma. He connected your section leadership with Rep. Frank Lucas for a 1 on 1 sitdown. Earl has also been the ramrod for the Elk City Hamfest. In addition to being my right hand in western Oklahoma, he was a very busy man as you will see in his obit.....
Earl Grayson Bottom, 62, of Hammon, Oklahoma entered this world on September 8, 1956, and passed June 23, 2019, after a brave and courageous battle with cancer. Earl was a long-time cattle rancher and was well known throughout Western Oklahoma. Earl frequently volunteered his time and served many worthy causes. He was a ham radio enthusiast and cherished friend of many.
Earl served many prominent roles in the community, including President of the Hammon High School Alumni Association. He was an active member and former President of the Cattlemen’s Association of Roger Mills County, a member of the Elk’s Lodge of Elk City, and he served as a Red Cross volunteer and certified CPR Instructor. He was active for many years as a leader and mentor in the Boys Scouts of America. Some of his honors and activities in scouting include: District Award of Merit, Council Coordinator for the Philmont Scouting Program, Western Plains Day Camp Director and Co-Director for many years and served on numerous Wood Badge courses. Earl was the Game Day Coordinator of the Scouting Usher program at the OU football games where he established many long-time friendships among fans who sat in the South end zone. Because of his immense impact on the young men he led, Earl was recognized with the Silver Beaver Award, one of Boy Scout’s highest awards. Ham radio enthusiasts far and near knew Earl as N5NEB after the many late-night radio chats and ham fests he helps organize and attend. Earl, who earned his ham license in the late 1980’s, served in the past as the West Central Oklahoma Amateur Radio Club President. He was the leader of the Possum Trappers, a group which talked every night and met yearly for a reunion which Earl organized. In recent years, Earl had become an ardent supporter of the Oklahoma City Thunder and rarely missed watching a game from his seat in Section 206. Earl truly enjoyed life and had a servant’s heart! 
Funeral Services will be held at 2:00 p.m., Tuesday, June 25, 2019 at A.G. “Buck” Creach Memorial Auditorium, Hammon, Oklahoma. Tom Harguess will be officiating, and Dolan Ivey will assist. Interment will be in Red Hill Cemetery, Hammon, Oklahoma. Services have been entrusted to the care of Martin-Dugger Funeral Home in Elk City, Oklahoma.
Cherishing his memory is his mother, Allene Bottom; sisters, Paula Stafford and husband, Jim of Edmond, Oklahoma, JoAnn Reynolds and husband, Jeff of Walker, Louisiana; brother, Allen Bottom and his wife, Jane of Mansfield, Texas; nephew, Jake Reynolds and his wife, Hailey of Walker, Louisiana, Daniel Bottom and Michael Bottom both of Mansfield, Texas, Ryan Stafford of Denton, Texas; niece, Sarah Stafford of Edmond, Oklahoma; great-niece, Eleanor Reynolds of Walker, Louisiana; great-nephew, Solomon Stafford of Edmond, Oklahoma; aunt, Earlene Callen and husband, Jim of Winnsboro, Texas; and many cousins as well as close family friends, Alvin and Robin Williams of Clinton, Oklahoma, Brenda Archer of Hammon, Oklahoma..
He is preceded in death by his father, George Grayson Bottom; maternal grandparents, A.D. and Buena Stewmaker; paternal grandparents, Elwood and Annie Bottom.
Memorials can be made to the Boy Scouts of America Troop #144 in care of Martin-Dugger Funeral Home, P.O. Box 707, Elk City, Oklahoma 73648.
Online condolences can be sent to the family by using the online guest book at

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

More #FieldDay sites listed #arrl

Field Day is quickly approaching, here are a few locations in the Oklahoma City Metro.

The Mid-Del ARC will be set up at Joe B. Barmes/Regional Park off Reno, west of Douglas in Midwest City. They will be in a tent in the teardrop, south of the dog park.

EARS (Edmond Amateur Radio Society) will be at the Edmond Fire Station #5 off I-35 and Covell in Edmond.

OCAPA (Oklahoma City Auto Patch Association) will be at the Atkinson Heritage Center "Pony Barn" off Midwest City and 10th St, on the west side of the road.

SCARS (South Canadian Amateur Radio Society) will be at the Norman Red Cross in Norman off 1205 Halley Ave.

To locate your LOCAL Field Day site, visit the Field Day Locator.  Clubs and groups, register your site so people can find you.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

#ARRL Field Day coming soon to a location near you. #FieldDay2019 #hamradio

The Oklahoma City Autopatch Association (OCAPA), a local amateur radio club, will be participating in "Field Day, 2019", a national amateur radio emergency communications exercise, on the 22-23 of June, 2019. Sponsored by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), A  Field Day, 2019" will begin on Saturday at 1:00 PM, continuing for 24 hours until 1:00 PM Sunday. This year's OCAPA Field Day site will be at the Atkinson Heritage Center ‘Pony Barn’. Set up will begin at 9:00 AM, Saturday morning.

This 24 hour communications exercise demonstrates the value of amateur radio and allows amateur radio operators an opportunity to practice establishing communication stations in non-traditional locations, operating them for extended periods, and give new amateur radio operators training in emergency communications procedures. Visitors are welcome and will even be given an opportunity to operate one of the Field Day@ stations. Approximately 1,500 amateur radio stations will participate in "Field Day, 2019".

Amateur radio operators are best know for serving the Oklahoma area as storm spotters during threatening weather and providing supplemental communications to first responder agencies. Most recently, amateur radio operators provided communication and backup power for the Bridge Creek Fire Departments after power was lost and antennas for their public service radio equipment were damage by tornadoes.

After the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building, over three hundred amateur radio operators helped sustain emergency communications for rescue, recovery and relief operations. Communications operations were sustained for over 330 hours through the support of 'hams' from Metropolitan Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Lawton and around Oklahoma. 'Hams' from Kansas and Texas also came to Oklahoma City to lend their support.

Additionally, amateurs provide communications support to various public events such as the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. Over 100 amateur radio operators provide public service communications for the Marathon. The amateur radio community has been supporting the Marathon since its= first running in 2001.

A majority of the NASA International Space Station (ISS) astronauts are licensed amateur radio operators. They operate a portable 'ham' station from the ISS to promote interest in science, and amateur radio, among elementary and middle school students.

To locate your LOCAL Field Day site, visit the Field Day Locator.  Clubs and groups, register your site so people can find you.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Morse Code turns 175 today #ARRL #hamradio

While one no longer needs to know Code in ham radio, it is useful, ex. while passing VOR sites while flying.

To learn CW skills or brush up your knowledge, Learn CW Online is worth a look.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Section Manager Writes #ARRL #hamradio

I would like to congratulate Lee Cooper, W5LCH, on beng appointed as the new Vice-Director for the West Gulf Division. Most of you know David Woolweaver strpped down from the ARRL Board in January. John Stratton took the Directors reigns and selected Lee as his Director of Vice! Both John and Lee should be at Oklahoma City Ham Holiday in July at the new venue.....Oklahoma City Community College.
Also, This year's Ham-Com is in Plano, TX on June 7-8 at the Plano Event Center. The new ARRL CEO, Howard E. Michel, WB2ITX will be in attendance.
If your group is doing anything in your communities, let me know so we can report on it.
Also, don't forget Field Day is just around the corner.
73 for now Kevin O'Dell, N0IRW Oklahoma Section Manager

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Another Statewide APRS Net - THIS SATURDAY #ARRL #hamradio

It's that time again,  the Tulsa Digital Radio Club will hold an APRS net at 1300 CDT on Saturday.

Net control station will be Scott Haley KD5NJR.  

Hams are encouraged to check-in by sending an APRS message to KD5NJR.

As an exercise, try the ANSRVR server.  Subscribe to the OKAPRS group for the duration of the net. Instructions are here :

The Statewide DMR talkgroup will also be monitored.

APRS messages can be generated from
  • certain HTs and mobile radios (ex: Kenwood TH-D72, TM-D710, etc
  • .smart phones with APRS apps,
  • computers paired with TNCs and radios, and (example : UI-VIEW)
  • computers with soundcard-based modems and radios. (example : UZ7HO Soundmodem and APRSIS32

We continue to operate HF APRS using the instructions located at .  As an additional incentive for this upcoming net, a certificate of appreciation from the Tulsa Digital Radio Club (TRDC) will be sent to those stations that try this new high-tech wrinkle on the two decades old HF APRS mode.  The HF APRS net will be running on 7036 kHz at a center frequency of 1000 Hz using MFSK-16 for highest robustness during the net.

Popular for about 20 years now, APRS is a format for sending short textual messages over amateur radio.  Short bursts of APRS can conserve your battery power and radio spectrum.  It lends itself to low power applications such as travelers, backpackers and in emergency situations.  APRS radio sets are popular with hikers, experimenters (model airplane and rocket enthusiasts) and there is even an APRS terminal on the International Space Station.   Background information is available at : 

Questions or comments may be directed to Scott Haley or Jeff Scoville AE5ME at





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