Wednesday, September 28, 2011

KD5NWS Introduces Royal Rangers to Ham Radio

Charles O’Dell KD5NWS has one wish for his boys in Royal Rangers: a ham station at every Royal Ranger Pow-Wow in the United States.

Pow-Wow is a camp-out held once a year throughout the U.S. In June 2011, the Oklahoma-Southern Kansas-Northern Texas regional Royal Rangers' Pow-Wow was held near Bell Cow Lake near Chandler, OK. About 5,000 boys attended from all over the country. The boys participate in paint ball, swimming, hiking, and blacksmithing. They learned camping and other skills.

O’Dell set up a Ham station at the Pow-Wow to promote Ham radio to the boys and range leaders.

“It was a great success,” O’Dell said. “The boys and leaders were very interested.”

The boys made contacts with 50 other hams and one in Canada. Dolph Grolock KB2AW of Luther, OK, helped set up and took photos of the event.

Royal Rangers is an outreach of the Assembly of God church; however, many independent churches sponsor Royal Rangers programs as well. A boy can join by attending a meeting. He does not have to be a member of the church. In addition to local meetings and events, Royal Rangers sponsors a National Camporama in Eagle Rock, Missouri.

O’Dell has been involved in Royal Rangers since 1963.

If you would be interested in helping with the Ham station next year, please contact O’Dell at

Friday, September 23, 2011

Help Wanted SW Oklahoma #ARRL #hamradio

I am sad to report that Mike McEwen has resigned as the EC for Comanche Co. due to a new job and not enough time to commit to ARES. 

I would like to thank Mike for your commitment and willingness to help ARES-OK.  Should your situation change, and you find you have time on your hands, we can always use help.

I also need help.  I need EC’s in the following counties;  Caddo, Comanche, Cotton, Tillman, and Washita.   Please visit with any operators, or clubs.  We need their help and input in finding volunteers and leadership in all Zone 2.

I also need help in locating DEC’s for District 1 (Beckham & Washita) and District 2 (Caddo & Grady).

Volunteers just need to go to website and sign up.

Leadership positions can be obtain by contacting me for details.  Anyone interested or appointed must be a member of the American Radio Relay League.

Please remember to recruit.  We need all the help we can get.  The SET is coming up on Oct 1, and all EC/DEC are required to attend/participate.   Please contact me if I can provide any assistance.

Thanks again for help and support of ARES – Oklahoma.   73

Steve Grayson,   KE5BPL
Zone 2 Emergency Coordinator
Amateur Radio Emergency Service-Oklahoma

Operating Events in Lawton Area #ARRL #hamradio

With spectacular weather in the forecast, this
weekend, September 23, 24, 25, is our International Festival in Lawton OK and we celebrate diversity.  Mr. Harper
KE5YZB has arranged for the Lawton Fort Sill Amateur Radio Club, W5KS to have
their communications trailer at the festival.
Look for us in the vicinity of 2nd and Ferris north of the
copper gazebo.  We want the students to find
time to visit the trailer, just knock and come on in (AC will probably be on), between watching the
cultural displays, funnel cake, music, face painting, bounce house, dancing
exhibits and food venues --- did someone say schnitzel and kartofel salat and
getting on the radio, it is going to be great!
Over the past several weeks, several parents have stopped by – please
continue to support and encourage your child’s participation.  Parents please stop by and visit, you’re
always welcome to stay and observe the program and your child’s participation and progress.

We look forward to the
students continuing to work with each others as they grow in experience and
confidence learning more about the Amateur Radio Service (ARS).  This past weekend Keyanna and Lilly racked up
over 80 contacts from around the country and Canada.  Photos Keyanna 6th and Lilly 7th
enjoying the day at the park and having some ARS fun.  In the the background is the “KIDS ZONE”
facility.  Keyanna, a radio club member,
with no coaching showed off her talents when she instantly replied using the phonetic
alphabet.  Eight 6th
graders are members of the radio club, all eager to learn more about amateur radio and show us what
they know.

This is a weekend

Friday, September 23:  Open 5pm - Close 10pm 

Saturday, September 24:  Open 11am - Close 10pm

Sunday, September 25:  Open 12 Noon - Close 5pm

Tear Down 5pm - 7pm

As long as we have students present we will
assist in making contacts on the radio.  Listen
for K5USA / KF5CRF about 14.295 MHz (+-5) from about noon until about 5pm CDST
on Saturday and Sunday.  The 20 Meter
band is very busy and it becomes difficult to hold a frequency.  If we
have to move, we'll float around until we find a spot and venture back
to 14.295 MHz as we can.  If you are listening and you don’t hear any
takers please let the students know they are getting out.

will venture over to 15m about 21.375 MHz if conditions allow.  The goal is to get as many kids talking on
the radio prior to the October School Club Roundup next month.  Feel free to make contact with both stations
and repeat visitors will probably find a new student to engage.

self spot on DXWATCH and if you follow K5USA on Twitter, we will send out 1
tweet once we are setup and operational each day and have students presents.  If you see us self spot, please call (that's code for kids want to talk to you!).  If the web cam is operational, go to and observe the fun.  Look for the account of kc5cyy.  There is a link on the K5USA QRZ page too.

all of our amateur friends please stop in and tell the young Vikings about your
school, club, museum, ship, troop or yourself.   Repeat visitors always cause renewed excitement.

BTW, updated and added some photos from the recent power plant trip and other activities, check it out and enjoy!
73 and have a great weekend!

Paul Goulet /KC5CYY

Recent Pictures of Outreach Events --

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oklahoma Section News

Hello Oklahoma!!

Well, the heat wave looks like it has finally subsided and our year of seriously lousy weather is winding down. I would first like to thank all the ARES members in the section for a job well done during record weather year. Whether you are part of the ARES-OK management team or a volunteer, THANK YOU for all you have done and I’m sure will do in the future.

Speaking of ARES, don’t forget the Simulated Emergency Test (SET) coming up Saturday October 1st. If you are in the dark about what the SET is or how to participate, just contact your local EC or our Section Emergency Coordinator, Mark Conklin, One of them can assist you with the information. Lets have a good showing for our section SET.


The Viking Radio Club, which is a school based club, is blowing and going. They are sponsored in part by the Lawton Independent Repeater Alliance. Go to the LIRA website photo section of the LIRA website to see what these local kids are up to…’s pretty exciting to see so much exuberance on their faces.

Gary Gerber, KB0HH and the Bunkhouse crew have been busy with the VHF contest this month and will be doing a balloon launch, chase and recovery on Saturday October 15th. You should join in on the fun if you get the chance. Check out the website,

A lot of you are taking the time to set up public displays at your local county fairs….and if you aren’t, you should be. Be on the lookout for opportunities to put ham radio in front of the public. If there is a county fair, or some other special event going on in your area where there will be a lot of foot traffic moving by, get in and set up a special event station and demonstrate ham radio. If you have a big local mall or the local Wal-Mart store, get on their calendar now to set up a display some Saturday between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Have a VHF or UHF station set up and one of your other hams in the parking lot or at home and let the kids that come by “talk to Santa”. Not only will the kids be thrilled, but their parents will see your group and ham radio in a very positive light. Not to mention the possibility of garnering interesting for your next Tech class….

Your club is teaching classes aren’t you?? It’s the easiest way to build your numbers. Just make sure you have a competent instructor that knows his stuff and can make it fun.


There only 2 section hamfests left for 2011 (that I know of):

Texhoma Hamarama

October 21 & 22

Ardmore Convention Center

Ardmore, OK Just off I-35 at Exit 33

West Gulf Division Convention

Division Director, David Woolweaver, K5RAV and Vice Director, John Stratton, N5AUS, Mike Corey, W5MPC, ARRL Emergency Preparedness and Response Manager and myself will be in attendance. Henry and Tina Allen as well as the entire Texhoma Hamarama Board have worked to make this hamfest one to remember.

Enid Hamfest

November 5th

Garfield Fairgrounds (Hoover Building)

Opens at 8am

We will have an ARRL Forum.

Well, that’s about all I have for now…..remember, contact myself or one of the section cabinet members if you need anything. We are all listed on the ARRL Oklahoma Section part of the website at the bottom of the page.

73, and I look forward to seeing you down the log,

Kevin O’Dell, N0IRW

Oklahoma Section Manager

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

West Gulf Division September Newsletter

   --- McKinney ARC service at HamCom 2011
   --- Social Media and the West Gulf Division
   --- ARRL Launches Online Forms
   --- Austin Summerfest Report
   --- Bob Peters, W1PE/SK
   --- Howard Collier, WB5EKW new WTX SEC
   --- Itzel Bernier, KF5JAZ, Nominee for Young Ham of the Year
   --- Special Event Station K5B – Plano Balloon Festival
   --- Texas QSO Party Begins September 24th
   --- WGD Leadership Operates Works W1AW
   --- Planned ARRL Events
   --- Upcoming Hamfests/Conventions

News from David Woolweaver, K5RAV your West Gulf Division Director

--- McKinney ARC service at HamCom 2011

In the July Newsletter, we inadvertently misidentified the 2011 ARRL
National Convention/HamCom talk-in club.  We offer our sincere
apologies to all of the members of the McKinney Amateur Radio Club and
salute them for a job well done during the National Convention.
Members of the McKinney Amateur Radio Club (MARC) began on-site
preparation long before the opening of HamCom. Dave, K5EEN,
Communications Director and PIO, delivered the Communications Service
Unit (CSU) and, along with Neil, KE5BUS, club President, set it up near
the north main entrance to the Plano Centre. The CSU provides a quiet
location for directing the talk-in net along with multiple radios tuned
to the talk-in frequency and several simplex frequencies used to
coordinate parking. Everything was set up and ready for the first shift
on Friday morning at 5:30am. The Plano Amateur Radio Klub (PARK)
volunteered their repeater for the talk-in operation. Talk-in
operations ran from 6:00am to 4:00pm Friday and Saturday. McKinney Club
participants providing on-mic service were Neil - KE5BUS, Gary - K5GRY,
Clark - AE5WD, Bob - K5CRX, Linda - KE5YUC, Fred - K5QBX, and Walter -
Simultaneously, MARC volunteers were in place to direct and help with
ARRL reserved parking and Remote Parking. The ARRL reserved parking
section allowed the ARRL staff to park and enter the Plano Centre
expeditiously – especially those transporting display wares and
"free goodies!" MARC volunteers that helped make this possible were
Neil - KE5BUS, Sarge - KE5TPB, Fred - K5QBX, and Walter - AE5IT.
On Saturday morning, MARC volunteers were on-site by 5:30 AM to
facilitate the "tailgate" parking area. These volunteers kept the
tailgate area organized and collected the parking fees. For the 6:00 AM
to 8:00am shift, volunteers for the tailgate parking operation were
Brian -WA5M, Bob - K5CRX, Chuck - K7NWM and Jim - KD5JK; for the 8am to
10am shift,  the volunteers for the tailgate parking operation were
Rick - W5TUX and Kirk - KE5RBB .
Special thanks go to:
1)      Neil – KE5BUS for coordinating the club's activities at HamCom
2)      Brian – WA5M for coordinating the tailgate operation.
3)      Dave – K5EEN for transporting the CSU and keeping the generator
Founded approximately 50 years ago, and ARRL affiliated since 1968, the
McKinney Amateur Radio Club (MARC) is made up of approximately 125
licensed Amateur Radio operators and family members. The club promotes
education, community service and fellowship amongst the Amateur Radio
community. The club is affiliated with the American Radio Relay League
as one of its Special Service Clubs. The ARRL holds Special Service
Clubs to a high standard of community service and development of
Amateur Radio as a hobby and public service.  Since its beginning, the
club has expanded to include repeater sponsorship, a Communications
Service Unit (CSU) equipped with multiple communications capabilities,
a variety of educational efforts for the HAM community, participation
in many local events, and support for emergencies of several types. A
"can-do" spirit exists throughout the club as it strives to serve
Amateur Radio Operators and its local community.
--- Social Media and the West Gulf Division
Keeping up with the times, the WGD Leadership is trying out new methods
of social media communication.   We invite you to follow us on Twitter,
ARRL_WGD and on Facebook at ARRL West Gulf Division.
--- ARRL Launches Online Forums
To assist ARRL members in communicating with one another and with ARRL
staff on topics of common interest, three forums have been established
on the League's Web site. Visit to chat with
fellow hams about contesting, awards and technology. Additional forums
are planned once we have gained some experience with these three.
Guest members and others can view the threads, but in order to
participate in the conversations or ask questions you must be logged in
as a member.  All users should read the Rules before they participate.
--- Austin Summerfest Report
Special thanks to the Austin Summerfest committee people and others
that worked so hard to make this another successful convention.
Summerfest registrations this year were almost the same as last year,
approximately 600 attendees.  Considering the state of the economy, the
price of gasoline, the worst Texas drought in many of our lifetimes and
other negative factors; we are thankful that so many of you took the
time and trouble to join us again here in Austin for the ARRL State
Convention and the Summer Meeting of the Texas VHF-FM Society.
The ARRL Forum was a standing room only crowd of over 100 people who
had an opportunity to listen and interact with ARRL Chief Technology
Officer Brennan Price, N4QX who spoke on the challenges facing our
community in both the technical and legal areas.  He also spoke of some
of the upcoming agenda items pending for the upcoming WTRC 2012.
These are the folks that do the advance planning, organize the
necessary volunteer workers and materials to make it all come together
and make it an enjoyable experience for all:
Hospitality Room:  The Schmidt Family: Darlene WD5DAR , Jeff N5MNW and
Lori KM5MQ and their volunteer helpers.
Ballroom Swapfest & Dealers Area:  Kees Talen K5BCQ, Marty Porter ex
N5SXV and Wayne Heikkila KB5RSP
The Motorcycle Special Events Team of Texas (M-SET) that furnishes
Ballroom Security
Convention Registration:  Cliff WB5DYA and Leonor White
Audio/Visual Services:  Don Weiss K9UI, William Pittman KC5NKE and Alex
Feeney KF5JDZ
Crafts & Skills Session: Sandy Talen
Austin Summerfest Webmaster: Jim Kinter K5KTF
Registration Volunteers Organizer: Skip Glueck, K5ZUA
Convention Badge Printing: Jim Seippel N5SHK
Mailing List Manager: Jon Penner N5MHI
The ARRL VEC Exam Team: Gene Hinkle K5PA, Liaison and whose team
examined 25 candidates and the session produced 6 Technician Class, 8
General Class and 6 Extra Class licensees.
But we would be remiss in not recognizing, Joe Makeever, W5HS the
Chairman of the Austin Summerfest and his friends, Ed Golla, K3AHS the
Summerfest Treasurer and Don Weiss, K9UI the Summerfest Secretary.
These gentlemen have served continuously for the past 28 years,
insuring that Amateurs experience a top-notch event in Austin each
Your support helps to insure that they can continue to hold the Austin
Summerfest Convention each summer for future years.  A special thanks
to all that stayed at the Marriott Hotel or the SpringHill Suites and
gave the Summerfest folks the room-nights necessary to keep the hotel
meeting room and ballroom rental expenses to a minimum.  Yours is a
significant contribution to the ongoing success of the Austin
Summerfest and it is very much appreciated.  Mark the Austin Summerfest
down on your Hamfest calendar for August 3rd and 4th, 2012.
--- Bob Peters, W1PE (SK)
Robert Peters, W1PE, became a silent key Tuesday, July 26 after a long
illness.  He was 68 years old.  He was born at Bangor, Maine in 1943
and grew up in that city, but had lived with his wife, Jane in
Mesquite, Texas for almost two decades.
Bob held various amateur call signs for more than 50 years. He was
first licensed in 1958 as WN1JNN. Among the calls Bob held were K1JNN,
N4TRU and KK5FJ. He also held a Netherlands call in the 1960s while
serving at NATO headquarters with the U.S. Army Signal Corps.  Bob
joined the Army in 1966. Because of his amateur radio qualifications,
he was sent to the Signal Corps Schools at Fort Monmouth, NJ.  He
served in various capacities with the Signal Corps in Vietnam.  During
his military service Bob was in charge of several Army MARS stations in
country and ran thousands of phone patches for GIs. He was later
transferred to SHAPE headquarters in Belgium and honorably discharged
in 1978.
Bob always said that he owed any success he had in his life-both
business and personal- to amateur radio.  Bob was a long-time member of
the ARRL, Quarter Century Wireless Association, and the ARRL Diamond
Club. He served as an officer and always-ready volunteer to the Dallas
Amateur Radio Club, the Mesquite Amateur Radio Club, Army MARS and as a
past Director for HamCom.  He was passionate about AM radio and
continually collected (and horse-traded) vintage amateur gear.  Bob's
baritone voice, instantly recognizable, was a staple of the Texoma
Traders Saturday morning AM nets for many years.  Bob will be sorely
missed.  The family requests any donations be made in Bob's memory to
the ARRL Diamond Club or the Boy Scouts of America.
--- Howard Collier, WB5EKW New WTX SEC
WTX SM W5NPR Bill Roberts is pleased to announce the appointment of
Howard Collier, WB5EKW as the new Section Emergency Coordinator for
West Texas.  Howard joins the WTX team following the retirement of J.T.
Caldwell WA5ZFH, who graciously served in the SEC capacity since
February 2008.
WB5EKW began his Amateur radio adventure in 1971 and is now an
extra-class licensee who finds all modes of operation fun and
educational.  Grounded in early advance technology, Howard spent years
in electronics and communications work with the US Navy, Odessa
College, and Texas Tech.  His technical history has unfolded on a
variety of electronic components that include MRI/CAT scan imaging
systems, digital x-ray, mobile telephone systems and he also spent time
at Texas Instruments designing and building machines that would build
transistors and integrated circuits.
Located in Abilene and now retired, Howard devotes his time mentoring
local high school students in science and physics projects; including
the design and construction of robots and the launching of high
altitude balloon capsules featuring voice synthesizer Amateur radio and
APRS data, cameras and microprocessor control data collection.  Active
in the Abilene radio community, Howard participates in ARES, RACES and
Skywarn and looks forward to integrating new technologies into
emergency communications.  Howard also enjoys gardening, working on
wild animal rehabilitation and ham radio, with a great emphasis on
ARES, the American Red Cross and just plain having fun!
In making the announcement, Roberts stated that he looks forward to
working with WB5EKW, and hopes to capitalize on his technical skills to
improve ARES operations in the WTX Section.  He also stated that he will
miss working with WA5ZFH, describing his services to the section as
being above and beyond the call of duty.  In addition to the daily
demands of the SEC position, WA5ZFH, served during the one of most
severe drought periods in West Texas history, which also created the
most severe fire seasons in West Texas history.  His commitment to the
WTX Section is appreciated, and he asks all Amateur radio operators in
the section to voice their appreciation to WA5ZFH for a job well done.
--- Itzel Bernier, KF5JAZ, Nominee for Young Ham of the Year
Itzel Bernier, KF5JAZ began her amateur radio journey at age 11 in
August 2010.  Intrigued after attending the first Eisenhower Middle
School Viking Radio Club (KF5CRF) meeting, Itzel's curiosity prompted
her to gain permission from her parents to join KF5CRF and attend weekly
meetings.  The club sponsor, Clifton Harper, KE5YZB, and teacher at
Eisenhower Middle School saw her enthusiasm for amateur radio grow so
much, that he allowed her to come to school early to get extra tutoring
and radio time in his classroom, an opportunity she readily accepted.
Her commitment to learning about amateur radio quickly became apparent
outside of school, too.  Itzel became a regular participant at Saturday
Parks on the Air events.  One of the stated goals of being in the Viking
Radio Club is to pursue a Technician License.  Itzel did pursue her
license to the point that she often was in Mr. Harper's classroom
during lunch.  The drive, focus and talent possessed by this young lady
are part of her character.
What a casual observer could not easily miss is her sense of dedication
to the team.  Itzel is not only driven by personal success, team
dedication drives her, as well. While the WGD congratulates Kaitlyn S.
Cole KS3P on her award as the Amateur Radio Newsline Young Ham of the
Year™, Itzel is one of those rare individuals that truly inspire
confidence, hope and a sense of well being in all of those with whom
she interacts.  We congratulate Itzel on her accomplishments and look
forward to many years of her engagement in Amateur Radio!
--- Special Event Station K5B – Plano Balloon Festival
Celebrating the 31st annual Plano Balloon Festival, members of the
Plano Amateur Radio Klub (PARK) and area amateur radio operators will
be QRV as K5B during the Plano Balloon Festival, September 16-18th.
They will be operating PSK31 and CW on 20m. Phone frequencies plus or
minus QRM: 7.255, 14.255, 21.355 and on the club repeater, WD5ERD on
147.180 + PL 107.2 and via Echolink at K5PRK. QSL with SASE to K5B.
Electronic QSL cards will be available via  More information
will be available on our website at  To learn more
about the Plano Balloon Festival visit
--- Texas QSO Party Begins September 24th
The Texas QSO party is sponsored each year by the Northwest Amateur
Radio Society to encourage contacts between Texas amateur radio
operators and amateur radio operators throughout the world. This event
is also an excellent opportunity for county hunters to add to their
list of Texas counties worked.  The 2011 event is scheduled from 1400Z
on SATURDAY, September 24 to 0200Z on SUNDAY. September 25 and from
1400Z to 2000Z on SUNDAY, September 26.  Stations may work the entire
contest period.
One of the planning goals each year is to have operators in each of the
254 counties in Texas. This is the best - and in fact it may be the only
- opportunity to make contact with operators in some Texas counties. For
more information on operator density in Texas, see the Where are all the
Hams website.
TQP mobile operators, be careful and have a good time. Fixed station
operators, get on the air and look for the mobiles! Regardless of how
you like to participate, get on the air, make some contacts, and have
fun!  For all of the information and rules on the Texas QSO Party visit
their website at
--- WGD Leadership Operates W1AW
Staying for a personal day in Newington, after the summer Board Meeting
concluded in July, gave Director Woolweaver and Vice Director Stratton
the opportunity to again call "CQ West Gulf Division" from W1AW.
Thanks to the generosity of Regulatory Manager Dan Henderson, N1ND who
volunteered to open W1AW to them on Sunday, the WGD team operated on
14.238 MHz USB, making 320 contacts over the course of nearly five
W1AW, also known as the Maxim Memorial Station was dedicated on
September 2, 1938 and contains articles of historical value to Amateur
Radio.  Much of today's ARRL Headquarters as well as the City of
Newington grew up surrounding the W1AW facilities.  To learn more about
W1AW, its rich history and current transmitting abilities, visit
--- Planned ARRL Events for K5RAV and N5AUS
Director Woolweaver, K5RAV and Vice Director Stratton, N5AUS are
planning to attend the following upcoming events:
K5RAV - ARRL Executive Committee Meeting, Dulles Airport, Washington,
D.C., October 1st.
N5AUS – HamEXPO 2011, sponsored by the Temple ARC, Belton, Texas
October 1st.
K5RAV and N5AUS - Texoma Hamarama, West Gulf Division Convention,
sponsored by the Texoma Hamarama Committee, Ardmore, OK, October
K5RAV – NCTECH 2011, sponsored by the Tri-County Amateur Radio Club
and DiRECT ARC, Azle, TX, November 12th.
ARRL Convention and Hamfest events are a great place to visit with the
Division and Section Leadership!   Each event will also include an ARRL
forum where you can receive additional insight into Division and Section
At anytime that you have a concern or just want to say hello, contact
Director Woolweaver at
-- Upcoming Hamfests and Conventions
10/01/2011 | HamEXPO 2011
Location:  Belton, TX
Type:  ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor:  Temple Amateur Radio Club
10/21/2011 | West Gulf Division Convention (Texoma Hamarama)
Location:  Ardmore, OK
Type:  ARRL Convention
Sponsor:  Texoma Hamarama Committee
10/22/2011 | 13th Annual Coastal Bend Hamfest
Location:  Corpus Christi, TX
Type:  ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor:  South Texas Amateur Radio Club
10/22/2011 | Lufkin Hamfest 2011
Location: Lufkin, TX
Type: ARRL Lufkin, TX
Sponsor:  Deep East Texas ARC and Nacogodoches ARC
11/05/2044 | Enid Hamfest
Location:  Enid, OK
Type:  ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor:  Enid Amateur Radio Club
11/12/2011 | NCTECH 2011
Location:  Azle, TX
Type:  ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor:  Tri-County Amateur Radio club and DiRECT ARC
ARRL West Gulf Division
Director: David A Woolweaver, K5RAV

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Northwest Oklahoma

by Jay Kruckenberg - K5GUD

We will have a work day at the EOC on Thursday, September 8th
beginning at 4pm. This is before the TSARG meeting, which will be held
the same day in the EOC training room starting at 7:30pm. We will
continue to work on getting radios and power installed in the EmComm
unit. If we can get this done in time we will take this unit out on
the balloon launch that the Kansas/Oklahoma bunch is having on October
15th, starting at 8am. We will also work on getting the EOC
straightened up and organized.

On October 29th the NWS in Norman is having it's annual Weather
Festival, starting at 9am. Rick Smith has invited us down for a quick
get together and tour of the complex. This would be an awesome time to
see and meet some of the NWS personal we work with.

November 5th is Enid's hamfest at the Garfield County fair grounds. We
will have an ARES get together with Mark Conklin and the Enid ARES
group. We hope to develop a working relationship with them as well as
partake in a future training exercise with them.

Monday, September 21st is our next ARES training date. We might start
the Intro to Emergency Communications course, if I can get it worked
up that soon. If not, we might have a Q&A over ICS-100. We need to get
our ICS-100, 200 and 700 training out of the way. This can be done
online in your spare time, or what little of it you have. I would
prefer you work through the course on your own and then let's go over
areas you are having problems with at our meetings. This would help
everyone get done sooner.

As was previously discussed, now that the cooler weather is, here we
will have a standing ARES work day every Thursday beginning around
4pm. There are lots of projects to work on so there is something for
everyone. We all don't have to work on the same project at the same
time. We can split up into groups and tackle many at once.

Melissa Wilkerson has been appointed as the ARES PIO for our group.
She is taking the ARRL PIO course now and hopes to get her ARRL
Certification when she completes the course. Many more appointments
will be coming in the near future.

I have applied for and got accepted to be an Emergency Communications
Instructor for the ARRL. This will allow us to offer the new "Intro to
Emergency Communication" course locally and get our certificates.

Matt hopes to start having some training exercises, both hands on and
tabletop, this fall. Be looking for these to be announced in the near

Matt also reported that the state EOC office will be installing a
D-Star system in the near future. He has also been working hard on
making everyone in the state Homeland Security and OEM departments see
the value of Amateur Radio and its operators as part of the whole

I would also like to offer a Technician Class Ham Cram Course before
Thanksgiving. Spread the word around and let's see if we can get some
interest in one. Also let me know what date you think would work for
this course.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Volunteer Opportunity

DAM J.A.M. #20 is Saturday, September 10, in Pryor, OK.  We're still in need of at least half dozen more hams to provide stationary and rolling coverage out on the routes. If there's any way you could come out to help, we'd feed you, give you a shirt, cover the cost of fuel used, and sincerely thank you.

We're gathering in Whitaker Park, Pryor around 6:00 a.m.

If you can help for all or part of the day, please contact: Jim Beach, KE5URF, at , or call 918-639-0362

Posted By:

Mark Conklin, N7XYO
Oklahoma Section Emergency Coordinator
Amateur Radio Emergency Service
Follow me on Twitter @N7XYO

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