Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Do you have an interesting ham radio story to tell?

Cindy Downes K5CED is a freelance writer looking for ham radio operators who are members of Electric Cooperatives of Oklahoma and who have an interested story to tell related to ham radio.

How do you use ham radio? Have you been involved in disaster relief? Have you used your ham radio in any event that was newsworthy? Have you done anything cutting edge with your radio? Unique? Saved money? Provided jobs? Helped the economy? Preserved the environment? Educated children? Anything else related to ham radio that you think might interest readers?  

If so, please send an email to Cindy. In your email, please provide your name, phone number, name of the Oklahoma electric cooperative in which you are a member, and a little bit about your adventures in ham radio.

If selected, Cindy will set up an interview and photo shoot with you, write the article and submit it to Oklahoma Living Magazine for possible publication. 

Note: If you're not a member of the electric co-op and have an interesting story related to ham radio, email Cindy anyway. She'll pitch it to another magazine. 

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