Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The year in Review

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Oklahoma Section!

Has it been a good year for you?  It has been a good year for the Section.

The Oklahoma Section had a 1.8% increase in League membership this year.  If you have not joined or renewed, the dues are going up January 1.  

The Section added a CW net, an Automatic Packet Reporting Net, a Digital Mobile Radio net, and a Voice Over Internet Protocol net to the mix.  Thanks to Howard, WD5IDB, the Tulsa Digital Radio Club, and others who have been moving these new projects along.

Speaking of Volunteers, in addition to the Amateur Radio Emergency Services crew, the Section has had a number of Official Observers appointed this year.  Please check out the posts available and volunteer for one.  There's plenty of work for everyone in the Section.

Your section leadership is looking forward to another great year!  Who are they?  The Oklahoma Section Page lists them.  Rest assured, they are more than willing to help with any issue you may be facing in amateur radio.  Your section manager can't be everywhere all the time.  This group is helpful in places where he is not.

Mary, KE5LTA reports net participation is up but also she reports there are openings for Net Control Stations on the various nets in the Section.  Please reach out to her to offer your support.

Division Legislative Liaison Eddie Manley, K5EMS was busy with the Generator Bill and he joined Public Information Coordinator Michael Dean, K5MFD to get your legislators to understand who would benefit and who would be hurt but the Text and Drive law.  Your section benefits from the work of these two.

Some are doing some interesting things in the Section.  The Batfish and Oklahoma memorial stations remain popular.  Route 66 and the Oklahoma QSO party are annual events.  The Lawton Parks on the Air will be coming up soon.  Of course the Section hamfests remain popular.

Each issue of QST lists Silent Keys.  Those numbers are offset by the number of amateur radio classes in the Section.  Thanks to all who help with the Volunteer Examination Program.

In reviewing the Section records, did you know there are as many active ARRL Affiliated Amateur Radio Clubs as there are inactive?  There are only three Special Service Clubs.  Can you help move the Section forward by joining your local club and helping them become active in the League, please?

While, personally, this has been a challenging year, as pointed out above, there has been TREMENDOUS achievement in the Section.  Keep moving forward, Oklahoma!

Need a New Year's Resolution?  If you are not an ARRL member, how about resolving to join?  If you want to make amateur radio a better hobby, how about volunteering with a Section appointment?

Thanks to you all for your support of the American Radio Relay League and the BEST hobby on the Planet.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


ARRL Oklahoma Section
Section Manager: Lloyd Colston, KC5FM

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