Saturday, December 26, 2015

Lawton Parks on the Air announced

Scope: Activate all 69 City of Lawton parks to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service and increase Lawton, Oklahoma’s visibility not only in SW Oklahoma, but to the State of Oklahoma and nationwide.
  1. Demonstrate portable operations in a remote, temporary setup via mobile or portable operations
  2. Encourage radio amateurs in the Lawton metro area to participate and give out parks.
  3. Present to the Lawton, Oklahoma community the capabilities of Amateur Radio
  4. Enhance Amateur radio publicity in Lawton, Comanche County, and the State of Oklahoma
  5. Promote the City of Lawton parks locally, county, and statewide
Dates/Times: 0001 hours UTC to 2359 Hours February 1 through December 31, 2016
Bands/Modes: 2m to 80M, excluding 12, 17, and 30m.  WARC bands will be excluded due to conversational value and protocol reasons.  May be reconsidered later.
All modes may be used; however, repeater, DMR, IRLP, Echo Link, and DStar contacts will not count.  
Power: Minimum power needed to make the contact.
Who may participate: Any licensed Amateur Radio Operator
US/VE and DX – Call sign, signal report, and state if US, province if in Canada, all else will just say DX
Lawton Parks Operator – “W5KS”, signal report and Park Name.  There will be a Abbreviation list for CW
Example Contact:
Cq Cq Cq, this is W5KS, W5KS, W5KS, Lawton Parks on the Air
           W5KS, W5KS, De AF5Q AF5Q 59 OK :  this is the USA portion
W5KS, W5KS, this is VE2ABC 59 Quebec   : this is for Canada
W5KS, W5KS, this is XE2MOO, 59 DX
All CW and Data modes are recommended to use full signal report, i.e. 599.  Please give the correct signal report as everyone will not be 59
When/Which parks will be on:  See website for schedule.  Parks will be scheduled for a whole week to give the radio amateur flexibility to operate contingent on their personal schedule.  Parks will generally be available between 0800 and 2000 hours.  There will be no overnight operations in any of the said parks.   
Parks should be listed on DX summit and those interested will be able to download a schedule for when the parks are on.  A city map of the parks can be found at
Inclement weather/Park unavailable:  There will be times when weather, esp. winter that park may not be available.  There could be also a conflict with scheduling if an event is there occupying the facility.  Our goal is to try to get each park scheduled twice so all can have an opportunity to work the park.  Some parks may have to be rescheduled.  If so, the schedule will be updated on the website.
Awards:  Awards for the Lawton Parks will be as follows:
  1. Work at least 5 parks and qualify for the basic certificate.  Confirm contacts through LOTW. Number of parks worked will be printed on certificate.
  2. Levels of parks worked
    1. 5 to 25 – Scout Level
    2. 26 to 42 – Explorer level
    3. 43 to 68 – Expeditioner level
    4. Worked all 69 parks – Fortune Hunter
LCPOTA participants –
  1. Activate 3 parks to qualify for basic certificate
  2. Level of parks activated:
    1. Activate 3-8 parks – Nomad
    2. Activate 8-17 Parks – Traveler
    3. Activate 17-25 Parks – Expeditionist
    4. Activate 26 parks and above – Traveler elite
Activation information:
  1. Park must be in city limits
  2. Be within 100 yards of the park.
  3. Activate park for at least 90 minutes.
  4. Post the activated park on DX Summit or  DX Maps when at location and please include the following:
    1. Frequency
    2. Split if operation that way
    3. Park name
    4. W5KS call sign (you do not have to use your own)
Legal Ramifications:
  1. Park operators understand that park activations are at your own risk and self-decision.
  2. Lawton-Ft. Sill Amateur Radio club assumes no risk for personal injury, loss, medical emergencies, theft, criminal actions, self-defense issues, death, damage to vehicle or equipment, etc. as a result of operation from a park.  If you are not sure if you wish to operate, then please do not.
  3. Be licensed to operate W5KS on the frequencies within your current license class.

LPCOPTA Operators:
  1. Email logs in .adi format to NL7CO for upload into the LOTW site.
  2. When creating upload, please put park name and LCPOTA in the remarks to where the station confirming contact can get credit.  US/VE and DX , please put name of park in your remark block where you can get credit.
  3. Please email the .adi file asap upon completion of the park activation
  4. Please sign up on the sheet on the website You will be given your own password.  Your call sign will be your username.
Confirmation of QSOs and Certificates:
  1. Primary confirmation of QSOs for certificates will be LOTW.  There will be no EQSL.  
  2. Certificates maybe requested for the event.  We request a donation of $5.00 to cover postage and paper.
Comments and Questions:  Comments and questions may be directed to Ron Grossman, AF5Q,
Addendum:  We hope you have fun with this event and thank you for your interest and participation.

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