Thursday, April 9, 2015

Have you heard about N5M? #ARRL #hamradio

The amateur radio community is preparing for its' support for the 2015
Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.  This year is special as it is the 15th
anniversary of the Marathon and the 20th anniversary of the Murrah Federal
Building bombing.

To commemorate this special year, we are adding a special event station/s
leading up to the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon with the call sign N5M.
The special event stations will be in the Oklahoma City Metropolitan area
and begin operating on 19 April at 0000Z and end operations on 26 April
(race day) at 1800Z (1 PM local when the Marathon is officially over).

On race day, we will have a special event station on the race course located
at the Britton Med medical station at Mile Marker 13.  You are also invited
to assist in operating that station on race day.

The format of operations will be similar to Route 66 On The Air, i.e.
register as a special event station and sign up for specific operating
dates, times, band and modes.  You may operate, using the call sign N5M,
from home, your mobile, or other locations in the Oklahoma City Metropolitan

If you wish to volunteer to operate as a Marathon Special Event station,
contact one of the following Marathon Special Event site administrators to
get registered to have access to the scheduling page:

Tom WA9AFM/5
Dave NE5S
Steve NE5SD
Bill AD5BU

They will need the following info to grant you access:  Name, Call Sign,
Email Address, Phone Number

The special event site administrator will send your username (usually your
call sign), a case sensitive password and the link to the Marathon Special
Event scheduling page.

Please Note: you don't have to be a Marathon volunteer to be a special event

Thanks to Tom, WA9AFM for this report.

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