Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Do you have what it takes to be a Technical Specialist?

Technical Specialist: "Responsibilities:

Serve as a technical advisor to local hams and clubs. Correspond by telephone and letter on tech topics. Refer correspondents to other sources if specific topic is outside TS's knowledge.

Serve as advisor in radio frequency interference issues. RFI can drive a wedge in neighbor and city relations. It will be the TS with a cool head who will resolve problems. Local hams will come to you for guidance in dealing with interference problems.

Speak at local clubs on popular tech topics. Let local clubs know you're available and willing.
Represent ARRL at technical symposiums in industry; serve on CATV advisory committees; advise municipal governments on technical matters.

Work with other ARRL officials and appointees when called upon for technical advice, especially in emergency communications situations where technical prowess can mean the difference in getting a communications system up and running, the difference between life and death.

Handle other miscellaneous technically-related tasks assigned by the Technical Coordinator."

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