Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tour De Meers planning starts

According to Ron, AF5Q, it is time to get the Tour de Meers planning a going and set for May 23, the annual big event besides Field Day and there has been a couple oif changes.

Change #1 - They would like our volunteer list by mid-month February to order teeshirts.

Change #2 - They have extended the 30 mile route to a 36 mile route per request of the cyclists.

Here is what I m projecting we will need (correct me if Im wrong)

1) Club trailer  - can we emplace day before?
2) Two people for NCS for the race.  Recommend someone that has participated in the race support before. Will need to set one up for manning the VHF/UHF and another for possible HF as the repeaters do not cover all the way out.  Contingency would be take the remote repeater out and have someone have it on top of Mount Scott.
3) Up to 3 to help set the trailer up - antennas, help with APRS kits, etc
4) Do you have APRS? Do you need APRS for the race? Do you have a spare APRS you are not using?
5) Backups/alternates for the long routes?  Possibly?
6) Someone to man the remote repeater at Mt. Scott for the race.
70 Event coordinator to attend meetings.  I have done the base work for the setup.

We will be discussing this at the meeting.  At the minimum, you will need a 25 watt mobile with a good mag antenna.  Can be 2m only as the main frequency will be 146.91.  An HT with a mag mount will only work possibly on the 10 mile route.

Maps are available for the race at Tour De Meers Annual Bike Ride - Memorial Day Weekend

 Tour De Meers Annual Bike Ride - Memorial Day Weekend 2015 Tour de Meers Bike Ride *** Our 26th Anniversary **** Date: May 23, 2015 Meers Volunteer Fire Station 26362 State Highway 115, zip code 73507 

Please contact Ron, AF5Q to offer your help or to request additional information.

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