Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Do ONE Thing in February

Last month we informed you about “Do 1 Thing,” an exciting web-based program designed to prepare your family for emergencies throughout the year. We hope you were able to participate in the January theme of “Make a Plan.” If not, we encourage you to take part in next month’s theme: “Water.”
Water is an essential element to survival and a necessary item in anemergency supply kit. During the month of February, take action to store three days worth of water for your household.
“Do 1 Thing” offers the following list of ways to achieve this goal:
  • Purchase and store a 72-hour supply of commercially bottled water;
  • Bottle a 72-hour supply of water at home; or
  • Learn how to provide a safe supply of drinking water for your household in a disaster.
By completing one of these actions, you’ll be better prepared for the unexpected.  Also, you will be participating in America’s PrepareAthon!, a national campaign to prepare for hazards specific to your community through drills, group discussions, and exercises. Register your action on thecampaign’s website.  Be counted among the two million preparedness actions already taken by families, businesses, and organizations across the country leading up to National PrepareAthon! Day on April 30, 2015.

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