Wednesday, June 19, 2013

FAA Radio Club radio class results

Congratulations to all of you that passed or upgraded your licenses during the Spring Classes!  This was our first attempt at "Live" Web-based training for the Technician Class license.  Thanks to Metro-Tech and Pete Lee for their generous help with facilities, both physical and network needs.

As a result, at the April 20th exam session, we had 36 people sign in and had 36 folks walk away with a successful license app completed for new or upgrade.

      For General Class (either upgrade or Tech and General both passed)
Kruse Holliday                K5KMH        Frances Sanger        KF5VCE
Granville Hancock        KF5VCP        Gary Kelley                KF5VCX

      New Technician Licensees:
Tanya Tock                KF5VBU         Edward Scott                KF5VBV
David Brown                KF5VBW        Vickie Southard        KF5VBX
Eddie Southard        KF5VBX        Janet Knapp                KF5VBZ
Darrell Knapp                KF5VCA           Todd White                KF5VCB
Greg Stuart                KF5VCC          Jerry Ogden                KF5VCD
Ryan Vick                KF5VCF           Mary Brown                KF5VCG
Elmer Brown             KF5VCH        Deyrl Kastner                KF5VCI
James Pressley        KF5VCJ        Robert Atkinson        KF5VCK
Alwyn Decoteau        KF5VCL        Jan Simmons                KF5VCM
Billy Simmons                KF5VCN        Peter Lee                   KF5VCO
Steven Childers        KF5VCQ        Vernie Hileman           KF5VCR
Brent Booker                KF5VC        S        John Hall                     KF5VCT
Steven Moran                 KF5VCU        Donald Ratliff                KF5VCV
Thomas Gore                KF5VCW        Herman Choate        KF5VCY
Judith Choate                KF5VCZ        Roger Jessen                KF5VDA
Gerald Chernicky        KK6DUV        David Meredith        KF5VDB

New and upgraded licensees from the April 27th exam session include:

      Extra Class upgrade (also passed General at this sitting):
David Brown                KF5VBW

      General Class upgrades:
Mary Brown                KF5VCG                Elmer Brown                KF5VCH
Jerry Ogden                KF5VJK

      New Technician Licensees:
James Hicks                KF5VKF                Fred Jay                KF5VJG
Cynthia Crenshaw        KF5VJH                Mary Wehrenberg        KF5VJI
Jonathan Peters        KF5VJJ                Loretta Hager                KF5VJL
Joe McGraw                KF5VJM                Cory Mack                KF5VJN
Gaylene Jacobs        KF5VJO                Margaret McCluskey        KF5VJP
Kelli Blair                KF5VJQ                Ed Hagstrom                KF5VJR
Scott Mitchell                KF5VJS                Michael Palmer        KF5VJT
Aimee Swickey        KF5VJU                Scott Spurlin                KF5VJV
Michael Maag                KF5VJW                Christopher Swickey        KF5VJX
Stephen Evans        KF5VJY                Stephen Krieske        KF5VJZ
Sharon Behnken        KF5VKA                David Behnken        KF5VKB
Luana Weathers        KF5VKC                Patty Graham                KF5VKD
William Graham        KF5VKE                Kendall Combes        KF5VKF

Stan Bradley gave a radio demonstration on programming and using the Wouxun HT at noon after the April 27th exam for those who bought radios. 

We will be teaching a new General amateur radio licensing class from September 10th through November 5th with Exam on November 12th.  This class will meet on Tuesdays from 6:00 to 8:30PM at the Metro Tech Aviation Campus at 5600 S. Meridian.  This will again be a web-based class, and can be taken in person or viewed during the week at a convenient time.  To sign up, contact Paul Thompson at 405 833-2364 or at

Paul N5PT 

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