Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Do you want your club to grow?

Pretend, just for a moment, you are new to your City.  First time amateur radio visitors may try to find a club or may search for the local repeater listings.

Failing there, the searcher may try to check the local media or check with the local Chamber of Commerce for clubs.

Did the local club announce their meeting in the newspaper?  Was there a press release sent to the radio station?

If the answer was "No", then what chance is there the visitor may discover the meeting time and place?

Did the press release mention the topics of discussion?  If the answer was "No", what chance is there the visitor would be interested in attending?

Did the club send a press release announcing what happened at the club meeting?  If the answer was "No", what chance is there that the public is doing to learn what club projects and activity are occurring?

While there is a LOT of competition for News Editors and Producers eyes, it is guaranteed ... very sure ... 100%  likely ... the press release will never get used, if the press release is not sent.

If your club lacks a public information officer, please reach out to the Public Information Coordinator in your section.  That person wishes to help you get a PIO, but, until one is selected, can help with your press needs.

Do you want your club to grow?

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