Wednesday, October 23, 2019

If you did not receive your ARRL ballot

Current reports from across the West Gulf are that almost all ballots

have been received.

However, there are reports from some areas that as of this email, some

Members have not received their ballots.

Deadline For Delivery Of Ballots To West Gulf Division Members

The ARRL's deadline for delivery of all ballots by third-class mail

to West Gulf Division Members is today, Monday, October 14, 2019.

If you have not received your ballot by the end of mail delivery for

your address today, then you need to notify HQ - via email - that

you have not received your ballot.

Failed Ballot Delivery Replacement Process

If do not receive your ballot, to obtain a replacement ballot you must

do the following:

(1) Send an email both of the following addresses: <> <>

(2) State in the email that you have not received your ballot;

(3) Request that a replacement ballot be sent to you by first class


(4) Provide your complete, current, mailing address to which the ballot

should be sent;

(5) Provide your name and call sign.

Note, if you happen to receive the original ballot and return it in

addition to the replacement ballot to ensure your vote will be counted,

both ballots will be disqualified.

RV Members

Some Members whose primary residence (sounds like fun) is an RV and who

have a mail service collect and forward their mail may be faced with the

destruction/non-delivery of third-class mail.

If you are one of these Members, please follow the above process for an

undelivered ballot, but add a statement that you cannot/do not receive

third class mail.

ARRL Postcard Regarding An Error In The Deadline Notice

HQ send a postcard attempting to clarify a poorly worded/inaccurate

notice regarding the deadline for receipt of a ballot to be counted.

The postcard appears to have created more confusion that originally


The deadline for RECEIPT of your ballot by the accounting firm

CohnReznick LLP remains Noon, Friday, November 15, 2019. Just be certain

you mail your ballot in sufficient time for it to arrive.

If after following the above procedure, you still do not receive a

ballot, please email me at

John Robert Stratton


Director, West Gulf Division

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