Sunday, November 1, 2015

Live Ham Radio Show airs weekly

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We have a worldwide ham radio program on every Tues night at 8 PM CT (0100 UTC Weds)  We bring in guest from around the world via skype.  

the show is on
it is called Amateur Radio Roundtable
Tues nights at 8 PM CT   (0100 UTC Wed)

Regulars on our show include Rilley Hollingsworth, retired special counsel of the FCC.     Riley answers viewers questions on the show.

We also have Joe Eisenberg K0NEB that does segments about kits and hamfest reports.

Emmett Hohensee W0HQ is the chief engineer of Radiowavz and does segments on antenna. 

We bring in special guests to the show via skype from all around the world. could you help us get the word out to other hams via tweet and your blog?

Thanks, Tom Medlin W5KUB


Live ham radio show Amateur Radio Roundtable every Tues night at 8:00 PM central (0100 UTC Weds) on W5KUB.COM 

Please check out our ham radio video broadcast page at and please join our W5KUB video facebook group at

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