Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Route 66 returns to the Section #ARRL #hamradio


As September approaches, Route 66 On The Air will be soon upon us!!!  This year's R66 On The Air will begin on 12 September and end on 20 September.

 The call sign for Oklahoma City will once again be W6K.

 For further information on RT66 OTA, go to the
 Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club's

 To sign up to operate as an Oklahoma City special event station for R66 OTA,
 you need to register as an operator and then identify your operating day/s,
 time/s, band/s, and mode/s.

 You can operate from any location in the
 Oklahoma City area; your home, mobile, portable, etc.

 To get started as a volunteer, send your request for a registration ID and password to:

 Dave, NE5S
 Tom, WA9AFM
 Steve, NE5SD
 Mac, K2GKK

 Include your name, call sign, email address, and phone number.

 The administrator will reply with your user ID, password, and instructions
 on how to register and edit your operating slots.

 Oklahoma City has always had a big presence in RT66 OTA.  Even if you can only
 operate one day for an hour or two, please sign up and be a part of this great operating event.

Thanks to Tom, WA9AFM for this information.

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