Friday, July 31, 2015

ARES-OK Regions Names and Realignment announced #ARRL #hamradio

A few changes for ARES-OKLAHOMA. These changes are to better align our leadership coverage by Population and to better fit with our partners.

Most notable is that were changing some labeling of Zones to REGIONS and reducing the number of Districts to 12 (two per Region).

Each of the Regions now have a label that is in relation to its geographic proximity.
Zone 1 is now North-West RegionZone 2 is now South-West RegionZone 3 is now Capital RegionZone 4 is now North-East RegionZone 5 is now Tulsa RegionZone 6 is now South-East Region

With Oklahoma's vast distances, huge landmass and sparse population; team and leadership focus will emphasized at the District level.

Regional EC's have been asked to make recommendations as who will remain as District EC for each of the 12 Districts and/or which County EC will be willing to step up to District EC. A list of which counties are in what districts was emailed out on the ARES-OK yahoo email list.If you have questions or you would like to make a nomination for District EC please contact your Regional EC.
To contact your Regional EC you may email them directly (if you have their email handy) or via the ARES-OK website using the CONTACT US tab on the left side of the page.

Changes will be made to the ARES-OK website soon - a bit of reprograming is required to make these changes on the site.

You are always welcome to contact me (email works best) if you have questions.
Thank you & 73,
Mark Conklin, N7XYOOklahoma Section Emergency Coordinator
Amateur Radio Emergency Service

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