Friday, June 26, 2015

Field Day Safety #ARRL #HamRadio #FieldDay

As we kick off this field day remember a couple golden rules:

Stay hydrated!  (not all of us are still spring chickens).  Keep an eye on the rest of your group for signs and symptoms of exhaustion.  I would be fitting to assign one of the elmers as a safety monitor especially during erecting antennas.  I like to supervise the cooking!

 It's just a hobby despite the bragging rights associated with it! (I have to tell myself that all the time)

Give more than you get.  This life and this hobby is more about giving than getting.  Make a difference to someone else and you will look back on this weekend as a success.

Thanks to  Mark/AE5MH (SK) for these thoughts..

Do you practice the Incident Command System at your field day?  Did you logistics section have enough fuel for the generator?

If you have Field Day Photos please tag @arrl_OK on Twitter, add them on Facebook, or send them to the Public Information Coordinator.

73 and have fun.

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