Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tour De Tulsa Help Wanted #ARRL #hamradio

Volunteers are needed to work SAG and rest stops for the Tour de Tulsa
bicycle ride coming up on May 3, according to Jay, AD5PE.

This all day event is a 100 mile bike tour of west Tulsa and Creek County
(along with shorter routes). We need 10-12 hams primarily to SAG - patrol
the route looking for riders having problems (medical, mechanical, or just
wore out - it is the first ride of the season). It helps to have a vehicle
that can haul a rider or two and their bikes, but this is not essential.
There are also stationary spots if your vehicle isn't up to that. A
dual-band mobile also is useful as we may use the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club link system due to
the large area to cover - but we'll use 2 meters too, so if you don't have
UHF, we just keep you closer to town. Same thing for HTs - we can keep you
closer to the repeater or loan you a mag mount. We even have loaner radios.

This is a fun and laid back event, and great practice for directed nets.
Consider it ARES training if you're new or need a refresher.

To sign up or ask questions, email or call

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