Saturday, March 16, 2013

Test Sessions during Class Time

In past years Clifton Harper KE5YZB has been able to coordinate test session for his students after 

school. That worked fine until he had three classes (one of 7th graders, two of 8th graders) of students to test. Now test sessions are schedule during normal class hours. The community Volunteer Examiner Team consists of Claude KD5RQ and several volunteers. From left to right, Kenny N5PYU, Bill AD5NK and

Clifton's art classroom, full of students about to take their test, the end result will prove to be one upgrade to General and three new Technicians for the 80 that will have tested, for a program total of 30 licensed students in four years. We have only achieved results in the last two years.

Bringing young hams into the hobby is difficult enough when dad or grandpa is the mentor. Imagine the challenges when there is no family connection to amateur radio. Our commitment to the students is huge and there are many volunteers supporting the program to help make it work. When we discuss activities to maintain the student's interest, we talk in terms of years. Of course the best part is the fun we have in working with the students.

Thanks to Paul, KC5CYY for this report

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