Friday, November 30, 2012

Good results in Lawton

Eisenhower Middle School teacher and Viking Radio Club Trustee Clifton Harper KE5YZB reports the follow results from today’s test session.

Congratulations to Lily KF5PBL on her upgrade to General.
The following students passed their Technician test:
seventh grade students Jada, Lexley, Kerson, Jonathon 
eighth grade students Logan, Jessup, Kristopher and Kolby.
Harper teaches an elective class offered to seventh and eighth graders titled World Wide Communications Class. He uses amateur radio as a teaching vehicle to reinforce fundamentals in science, technology, electronics and math.  Students are encouraged to get a license but earning a license is not a course requirement or course creditable milestone.   ARRL text books are purchased by the Viking Radio Club. Students receive scholarships for the cost of study materials and testing fees.  Licensed students may purchase a new dual band HT at half price, about $50 dollars.
Students regularly participate in amateur radio activities such as the School Club Roundup held in October and February.  Harper sponsors several amateur radio activities that take place during non-school hours.  Harper makes sure that students have access to operating activities outside of school times, such as the November Sweepstakes.  On Saturday’s when the weather permits, Harper will set up a station at a local park and operate a community outreach station K5USA with other volunteers.  Students also participate in community activities that involve amateur radio such as the recent International Festival.  Several students have participated as operators during Museum Ships Weekend. Operating from inside the USS Batfish Submarine as WW2SUB or outside in view of the USS Oklahoma Memorial WW2OK.
The Viking Radio Club, KF5CRF, was mentioned in the September 2012 QST and a feature story of the Monitor Times in the winter of 2011.  The number of licensed middle school students is currently 24. Harper has about 80 students in three classes of seventh and eighth grade students and about 15 sixth grade students that frequently participate in various amateur radio activities.
Congratulations to Mr. Harper and all the recent upgrades and new licensees.

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