Tuesday, May 22, 2012

USS Oklahoma and USS Batfish ARC - Newsletter and invitation.

                Some of you may not be familiar with our club, but we
are a "special" service club, maybe not in the since of the ARRL
definitions, but rather in that what we do, is special. As an
organization we work closely with the museum to help maintain, repair
and restore the USS Batfish, the Museum and the park grounds it sits
on. We also work to update the displays and facilities at the museum.
We strive to do much more than just "play on the radio", but rather to
make a difference by preserving the history and the memory of the men
and woman that have served our country.

                From a "radio operations" point of view, we do a
considerable amount of that as well, and the largest of the annual
events that we do is coming up in just under 2 weeks. The event is the
"Museum Ships Weekend" sponsored by the Battleship "New Jersey" ARC.
The event started years ago as the "submarines on the air", which the
Batfish was a frequent part of. That event has since expanded to
include "target" ships like the New Jersey.

               As a club, we will be participating in MSW 2012 over
the first weekend of June. We will also be celebrating our new
Affiliation with the American Radio Relay League, with a club dinner
on Saturday night June 2.

Please join us at the Muskogee War Memorial Park
Operations starting at 7:00 PM Friday Night June 1st
Ending at 7:00 PM Sunday Night June 3
This equates to 00:00 UTC June 2 through 23:59 UTC June 3.
Setup Starts Friday Afternoon, June 1

                I would like to personally extend each of you a
personal invitation from the Officers and Crew of the USS Batfish and
USS Oklahoma ARC for you to join us for any part of the event weekend,
and for the club dinner Saturday night.

                Richard Leach, KA5EMT and his spouse donated the
Kenwood TS-440S/AT that has been the main operating station on the
Batfish for the last year or two. 

Thanks to Wade Harris, KF5IF, the Trustee for The USS Oklahoma (BB-37 –
WW2OK) and the USS Batfish (SS-310 – WW2SUB) Amateur Radio Clubs for this report.

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