Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Lawton Hams

Please welcome the newest amateur radio operators to our ranks.

Congratulations to all of the young Vikings. The most recent licensed members of the
Viking Radio Club are:

Tristan, KF5NNP
Isaiah, KF5NNQ
Thomas, KF5NNR
Kameron, KF5NNS
Sh'Kyra, KF5NNT
Laura, KF5NNU, who was hoping that she would have a "U" in her name,
something to do with magical unicorns!

Mr. Harper, KE5YZB the school club trustee, now has the unenviable task of
deciding who will get the radio donated to his project by Santos, KB5MQL. How
would you decide?

Thank you, Pam, KF5JXO, for your continued efforts, working with the
students during Saturday Study Hall. Pam picked up the project during the
last school year and continued this year.

The Viking Radio Club is also thankful to the local VE (Testing) Team, lead
by Claude KD5RQ. All of these members donate their time and resources to
support the school radio club activity.

Yes, when it comes to amateur radio, there are a of on-going local
activities to be thankful for.

Thanks to Paul Goulet KC5CYY, for this report.

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