Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New SEC writes

With my recent appointment to Section Emergency Coordinator that brought on another changes with in ARES-OK.

Ben Joplin WB5VST will be stepping up to the ZEC position for Zone 4&5.

Ben is a long time amateur operator and very good hand in the field. Ben has worked many hours in both trainning and on deployments during communications emergencies. He was on site at Camp Gruber, Oklahoma when evacuees came up for the gulf area during hurricane Kartina. He is proficent in may diffrent operating modes and is not affraid to jump in there and try something new.

Ben has been a long time member of the Tulsa Repeater Org. and has serves as a club officer several times. With in the last few years Ben retires from the IT and communications dept of AEP/PSO.

Plus - Jay Eimer AD5PE is steping up and has accepted appointment to the EC for Rogers County in Zone 5, District 1. Jay is another long time amateur with lots of experience with emergencey communications to bring to the table.

Thank you for both Ben and Jay... with our good amateurs volunteering to help lead, and build ARES Oklahoma we can not make it happen.

Thank you,

73 Mark Conklin N7XYO
ARES Oklahoma

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