Friday, May 13, 2011

New Leadership announced

I want to take a moment to thank two leaders who have had given of
their time and knowledge to support ARES Oklahoma.

Robert Sims, W5KCB and Joe White, K5BQG have both served as Zone
Emergency Coordinator (ZEC is an Assistant to the Section Emergency
Coordinator) over the past few years. Robert and Joe have given many
hours of service and I truly appreciate their efforts.

As we continue to build and evolve our ARES program here in Oklahoma
new leaders will step up to help up grow the ARES-Oklahoma program.
I would like to introduce two ARES-Oklahoma volunteers that have
offered to take on the big responsibility as ZEC in their areas of the

Please welcome:

Stephen Grayson, KE5BPL will now be the Zone Emergency Coordinator for
Zone 2 – Southwestern Oklahoma.

Nick Hhinkle, N7KPV will now be the Zone Emergency Coordinator for
Zone 6 – Southeastern Oklahoma.

Both of these gentleman will have much to do in the coming months and
I am sure you all will welcome them and assist them as they work with
ARES volunteers, leaders and our served agency partners.

Best wishes Robert and Joe and, congratulation Stephen and Nick.

Mark Conklin, N7XYOOklahoma Section Emergency Coordinator
Amateur Radio Emergency Service
Follow me on Twitter @N7XYO

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