Sunday, May 15, 2011


On Saturday - May 28, 2011. the fox hunt will begin at exactly 10:00 with a two hour time limit, at the Durant fire substation/Bryan County Emergency Management on Enterprise Blvd, just north of the Choctaw Casino.  Call in: K5KIE Durant repeater, 147.390 MHz, 118.8 Hz tone.  No one may leave the starting point until released by the fox hunt chairperson.  Vehicles will be released in exact 5 minute intervals:  the first vehicle at 10:00, next at 10:05, etc.  Sign in is 9:00 – 9:30.   Bring along a county map & compass.    Technical help  – for those wishing it – will begin at 9:00.

The fox will hide on public accessible property, within 150’ of a paved road somewhere within Bryan County.   You will never be required to trespass on private property.  The fox will transmit on 147.520 MHz.  Transmissions will be for at least a minute, in exact “by the clock” 5 minute intervals (10:00, 10:05, etc).  After 1 hour the fox may switch to low power & a hand held.   No one may transmit on the fox frequency.
When you find the fox, sign in with exact time.  Then leave the immediate area -  don’t spoil it by tipping off others.  But it’s OK to try to mislead others who may be watching you.   Don’t say you found the fox over the air.   Transmit only on the K5KIE repeater.

Drive carefully & safely or risk suspension.  It is recommended that there be at least two people per car so bring along a friend or two.

Certificates will be awarded to the five with the best time, taking into account the exact minutes of each search time.   At 12:00 we will invite everyone to a dutch treat meal.  Come if you can.  Details will be announced about 12:00 on the fox & K5KIE frequencies.

This is our first county wide fox hunt.  Our next event will be in six months.   Till then - improve your skills & equipment.  Questions: Call Jim Harmon – K5BNK – 580-924-4471.  Announcements: K5KIE.

Thanks to Steve Grayson, KE5BPL, League Public Information Officer, for this information.

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