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Dave, K5RAV has work for Oklahoma #ARRL #hamradio

West Gulf Division Newsletter Special Oklahoma Edition April 2016

---The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015  H.R. 1301

If you don't know the details about H.R. 1301, please log on to the
ARRL website ( and type "HR 1301" in the Website
Search box located in the upper right hand corner of the ARRL Home

H.R. 1301 has made good progress in this session of Congress.  The ARRL
Washington Group made up of Chris Imlay, ARRL Chief Counsel and Director
Mike Lisenco, Hudson Division have made three attempts to arrange a
compromise with Home Owner Association's lobbyists who oppose the
legislation.  I did not approve of the compromise attempts as I felt
the compromises offered would result in a weak bill which would not
protect amateurs living in HOA's.  As it turns out, all of the
compromise attempts were rejected by the HOA lobbyists and we are now
back to the original language of the bill.  I don't anticipate any
further efforts to compromise.  So far, the bill, in its original form,
has attracted 125 cosponsors in the House.  It takes 218 positive votes
to pass legislation so, as you can see, we need to collect more

Recently, I reviewed the list of cosponsors and found that none of the
Oklahoma delegation has signed on to the bill!  When I was at the Green
Country Convention earlier this month, I asked the hams there why there
were no one on the Oklahoma delegation listed as cosponsors.

I was told that the Oklahoma Congressmen that had been contacted by
members stated that they were concerned about the federal government
interfering in "private contracts".  As you know, CC&R's are
Convenants, Conditions & Restrictions imposed on a home buyer when a
home located in a Home Owners Association is purchased.  CC&R's are
NOT contracts.

For more details on CC&R's go to:

You might want to view the ARRL produced video, The Amateur Radio
Parity Act: Separating Fact from Fiction, on Youtube.  It is only 5
minutes in length and it addresses the complaints lodged by opposition
HOA's lobbyists.  Go to:

Residents of Oklahoma are represented in United States House of
Representatives by 5 Representatives.  They are:

Member Name                                               DC Phone

Representative Jim Bridenstine                 202-225-2211

Representative Markwayne Mullin             202-225-2701

Representative Frank Lucas                      202-225-5565

Representative Tom Cole                    202-225-6165

Representative Steve Russell                     202-225-2132l

Complete information on the Oklahoma delegation is available at this

Why am I sending you this E-Mail?  The answer is that I will be at
Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, May 3rd.  It is my intent to visit each of
the Oklahoma Congressmen to ask for their support of H.R. 1301.  In
order for me to be successful, I need your help…..and there is not
much time.

If each of you will send a member specific letter to your Congressman
asking them to cosponsor H.R. 1301, it will make my job easier.  If
there are no supporting letters, it is likely that I will be shown the
door without delay.   After all, why should a Congressman agree to
cosponsor legislation unless his/her constituents ask them to?  There
is no such thing as too many letters.

As soon as you receive this newsletter go to this web address, fill out
the form and send it.  The letters will be delivered and I might just
get the attention of staff when I visit your Congressman's office.

Go to this address

On that page, type in your Zip Code and click <GO>

On the next page you fill in your personal information (name, address,
etc).  You may also edit the pre-loaded letter in the box if you wish.


When you are ready to send the letter, click the <SEND> button.

When you receive this newsletter, immediately go to the address listed
above and fill in your information.  The more letters the more likely
your Congressman will cosponsor H.R. 1301.

Thanks for your support and wish me luck.


ARRL West Gulf Division
Director: David A Woolweaver, K5RAV

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

SKYWARN - Storm Spotter nets

Thank you for all your help with the SKYWARN - (Amateur Radio) Storm Spotter nets.

I ask you to remember that it's VERY important to send a net report after every net, including SKYWARN - Storm Spotter nets.

Net reports are very important information that the ARRL compiles and this data is useful in the battle against all that whish to rob Radio Amateurs and our community of our use of these bands.

Here is the information on how & to whom to send net reports to for the Oklahoma section.  Please after any net in which you are Net Contol Station/Operator (NCS), please sent a short net report.
Here's how to and to whom: (see sample report at bottom of this e-mail)

First - Cut and Paste the following list of e-mail addressed into a e-mail:,

Second - Send a brief summary of the net activity:
Net's Name:   (i.e. Smallville Weather SKWARN)Net's Location:  (i.e. NWS Smallville, OK)Agencies Served:  (i.e. NWS or Smallville EM)NCS's info (Name, Call, Phone Number)

Net Start Time - Net End Time
Freq. of Net:
Number of total check-ins:

Any comments: (i.e. 3 Tornados reported, damage reports taken by Smallville EOC on 146.940 etc.)
Note we do NOT need the traffic logs from these Nets... this short report will provided the information needed. Please that the short few minutes and send in a report.

Thank you for your service, Mark Conklin, N7XYO Oklahoma Section Emergency Coordinator

Thanks to Mark, N7XYO for this reminder.

Editor's Note:

Media regularly contacts your Section leadership for details about what is happening in the Section.  Please give reports, as mentioned above, so your efforts can be acknowledged.  

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Where do you operate? #ARRL #HamRadio

Are you using FM Simplex?  What frequency or frequencies do you monitor and your location?

Locally, I use 147.51, 146.52, and 446.000 in the scanner.  Traveling, I use 146.52 mostly and  monitor the APRS alert (144.39 with 100 PL tone).

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