Wednesday, July 6, 2016

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This time of year we are bombarded by Ham Conventions, mostly out of state.  Now it's our state's turn!  Ham Holiday is going to be here soon!  Ham Holiday is our state's ARRL Oklahoma Section Convention and it's in Oklahoma City!  Tickets are on sale now!  Also their list of forums is available.  Buy your tickets now while they are at the 'pre-register' rate of $8.00.

Frankie Tassone of our EARS club has tickets for sale or you can buy them through the HamHoliday web site.  Frankie can be contacted by e-mail or phone and can be found at the EARS board meeting Tuesday June 14.  Frankie's e-mail is
His cell is phone is 405-365-6408.

Ham Holiday is also fun for meeting many other hams from our area.  The parking lot and hallways are full of friends meeting each other for the first time or since the last Ham Holiday.  Also there are a lot of antennas and things to see in the parking lot!

Use the button below to see the Oklahoma Ham Holiday web site, calendar, etc.
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Ham Holiday is organized by CORA, the Central Oklahoma Radio Amateurs.  CORA is a not-for-profit corporation created by amateur radio clubs in the central Oklahoma area. Four officers and a board of directors composed of up to three representatives from each of the member clubs conduct the corporate affairs.

Chief among the duties of CORA is to put on the annual Ham Holiday show. Other duties include obtaining insurance at reasonable rates for the repeaters and club stations of the member clubs. CORA also serves as a valuable clearing house for communications between the local clubs concerning activities, events, needs and programs.

Oklahoma DX Association -

ARRL Contest Calendar -

K5EOK Ham Radio Assistance - If you are a new ham, or perhaps a not-so-new ham who needs assistance with setting up equipment/antennas, or who has operational questions, contact the club at HamRadioAssistance@K5EOK.ORG and we will do whatever we can to assist.
Amateur Radio License Training YouTube -

Ham Study

ARRL Exam Review -
ARRL Find an Exam -

Ham Tools - Band plan, zone map, etc.
Repeater Etiquette - 

DX Code of Ethics:

Does your club have a newsletter?  

Saturday, July 2, 2016


It is time to remind your friends that might be interested in the course to register.  Please note all free class material has been posted on our website.

Sunday July 10th at 7 PM EDT (2300Z) will be the start of our 2016 Extra class. This will again be conducted on a Sunday and Tuesday at 7 PM EDT and is scheduled to complete on or about August 16th.  The question pool along with all current support documentation is available on our website at WWW.VOIP.SOUTHCARS.COM and found under the category called "Outreach & Training". Each class will be recorded and that recording will be posted to our website.

All classes will be held on our *SCARS* EchoLink and IRLP server 96140 or 9614.  EchoLink free software may be found at WWW.ECHOLINK.ORG. 

Please make sure that class enrollees and instructors are ONLY using the Extra Question Pool which is found published on our website. 

CLASS ASSIGNMENTS:  For clarity this is the current study groups for the classes shown.  Please review these questions before each scheduled class.  (This year's Q & A pool size is slightly over 700 questions.) 
Sunday July 10: -----   E1A01 through E1E14 (63 Q&A's)
Tuesday July 12:---    E1F01 through E2C13 (58 Q&A's)  
Sunday July 17:----  E2D01 through E3B14 (58 Q&A's)
Tuesday July 19:---  E3C01 through E4C17 (56 Q&A's)
Sunday July 24: ---   E4D01 through E5B13 (60 Q&A's)
Tuesday July 26:---  E5C01 through E6B13 (65 Q&A's)
Sunday July 31:---    E6C01 through E6F14 (57 Q&A's)
Tuesday August 2:---  E7A01 through E7D16 (61 Q&A's)
Sunday August 7:---E7E01 through E7H15 (56 Q&A's)
Tuesday August 9:-- E8A01 through E9A18 (65 Q&A's)
Sunday August 14:--E9BO1 through E9E13 (57 Q&A's)
Tuesday August 16:-E9F01 through E0A11 (49 Q&A's)  

7/10-7/12 KY6V & K6SUN
7/17-7/19 KV4QX & KV4QY
7/24-7/26 W4RFJ & NO7O
7/31-8/2 KD0CDQ & NC5IR
8-7-8/9 KV4QX & KV4QY
8/14-8/16 K6SUN & KY6V 

Thanks to Gordon, KY6V for this information.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Field Day 2016 #ARRLFD

As Field Day approaches, a number of sites are springing up on the Field Day Locator. 

This year, Eddie, K5EMS reports he is visiting Ponca City, Stillwater, and Enid.  

Your Section Manager can be tracked across Oklahoma on APRS.  He will be on Echolink 7203 and IRLP 9219.  Beginning in Altus, the trip in the general direction of Ardmore or Durant should turn north for visits to Pryor and Bartlesville.

“Don't forget about the NEW social media bonus that is being added to this years Field Day!”

Tom Medlin, W5KUB, has announced that his Amateur Radio Roundtable will be webcasting live on Field Day weekend from the all-kids K1D Field Day site in Deland, Florida, and from selected FD sites across the US, and will take calls at its Memphis, Tennessee, studio. Medlin will webcast from K1D on Saturday, June 25, 2000 until 2200 UTC. Live video from various Field Day sites will follow for the next 2 or 3 hours, as he takes calls, Medlin told ARRL.”


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