Saturday, June 13, 2015

W3JY to be guest on WTWW's QSO Radio Show #ARRL #hamradio

The W3JY NTS interview will air today on WTWW 9475 KHz 1 – 3pm CDT & Sunday on WTWW 5085 KHz 7 – 9pm CDT. It will also at that time be uploaded to our website on our podcast page.

The NTS has survived, since George Hart’s retirement, solely on the willpower and grit of its dedicated volunteers.  We understand our network of networks – not to mention the skills that make them happen – cannot be allowed to pass away.  They must be preserved at all costs no matter how unloved and unsexy they may be.  They are the core of the ARRL mission and represent the totality of the Amateur Radio “value proposition” to the American public:  relaying messages when they are needed most of all.

Thing is, when all your effort goes into making it happen, there’s no time left to spread the word even among our own beloved League’s headquarters officials and staffers let alone the general public!

We are laboring mightily to raise NTS’s presence and hope this interview with Ted Randall, to be broadcast worldwide on his QSO Radio Show this weekend, will help.

Won’t you turn your dial to 5085 or 9475kHz this weekend?  Who knows – maybe you’ll be inspired to send a few Radiograms yourself.


Chairman, NTS Eastern Area Staff
Section Manager for Eastern Pennsylvania
SCHEDULE UPDATE: W3JY to be guest on WTWW’s QSO Radio Show this weekend
SCHEDULE UPDATE: From The QSO Radio Show staff:
The W3JY NTS interview will air this Saturday on WTWW 9475 KHz 1 – 3pm CDT & Sunday on WTWW 5085 KHz 7 – 9pm CDT. It will also at that time be uploaded to our website on our podcast page.
The National Traffic System will be the topic of this weekend’s QSO Radio Show program, broadcast on WTWW world-wide from Memphis, Tennessee on 5755 kHz and 9480 kHz.  (Schedule to be announced.)
Show host Ted Randall, WB8PUM interviewed W3JY for two hours Monday evening about ham radio, the meaning of life, and the NTS.
Ted is an enthusiastic supporter of the NTS mission and thinks we do not tell our story very well.  I agree!  So to help change that, he made WTWW and its 100,000 watts available to NTS.  His program reaches an audience so vast it is hard for hams to conceptualize it.  Apparently, a typical podcast version of his radio program is downloaded more than 100,000 times and anywhere from 600 to 1,000 emails from around the world come in response to any given program.  And there’s the snail mail, too.  Sacks of it.
He offered to have me back on his show to delve deeper into the NTS, which he believes taps into something much deeper than a simple message platform,  rather a kind of human community the Internet cannot simulate but which we need.
This is a good week for the NTS!

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