Saturday, January 31, 2015

Look what the Tulsa Community College club is doing!

New officers are:

President: Bobby Larson – KF5SYP

VP: Travis Moore – KF5NTV

Tulsa Community College Amateur Radio Club (ARC) started as an Electronics Club in the early 1980’s and amateur radio was added in 2001. In 2005 we became a ARRL affiliated ARC. Anyone wishing to participate is welcome to join us on the 2nd Monday or Tuesday of the month. 

Again this year, the TCC-ARC and W5YI group held two testing sessions at the NE campus. Congratulations to the 21 people below who earned their Amateur Radio License this past year: 

Wren Tottress, KF5SYO Ron Wayland, KF5ZGS

Bobby Larson, KF5SYP Michelle Cunningham, KF5ZGT

Derek Brannon, KF5ZGJ Cynthia Reinhardt, KF5ZGU

Chris Bennett, KF5ZGK James Erb, KG5EWK

Jacob Keltner, KF5ZGL Amber Pogue, KG5EWL

Joseph Sosnowski, KF5ZGM Shane Jones, KG5EWM

Richard Rowe, KF5ZGN Jared Cavin, KG5EWN

Robert McGee, KF5ZGO Wanda Knight, KG5EWO

Peter McDaniel, KF5ZGP Scott Mercer, KG5EWP

Ramiro Castaneda, KF5ZGQ Russell

Justin Espinales, KF5ZGR

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