Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hamvention rumors laid to rest?

Every year about this time, the rumors start about Hamvention and Hara Arena. This year the Dayton media contributed to the interest by carrying stories about Hara ownership issues.  I won't go into any of those articles since they have minimal effect on Hamvention 2015.  Here is what we know.

Hamvention 2015 will come off at Hara Arena as usual starting May 15. The Hamvention committee has been meeting monthly since September and plans are in place for making this year's event an enjoyable experience for our guests.

We have significantly updated our website. Any process that makes major changes can have errors creep in. If you spot an issue with the website in general, please send a message detailing the problem to  If you have specific problems with orders, then send details to the appropriate committee,, or

Many questions about parking, renting scooters, etc. can be answered by visiting If you are unable to locate what you need, please contact

Addressing your specific questions to the right people will generally get you quicker results. If you want suggestions from past attendees on what to expect, where to stay, etc. or have general questions that others might also have, feel free to post those to the group. If you are looking for a ride or would welcome riders to share the fuel costs, post your request here. We want this group to serve as a meeting place for those interested in Hamvention. We don't want it to become cluttered with "Where are my tickets?" and similar requests.

Thanks for your help. Hamvention wouldn't exist without its vendors and its guests.

73, Henry W8HJR

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