Sunday, March 5, 2017

Representative Frank Lucas visits the Elk City #hamfest

Congressman Frank Lucas (R-OK) right, spoke
to the ARRL Forum at the Elk City
Hamfest recently.
A special "non-ham" guest was on hand for the Elk City hamfest March 4 when Oklahoma Congressman Frank Lucas came to visit the scores of interested attendees there.

Lucas spoke to the issue of restrictive covenants homeowners face when buying housing that prohibits amateur radio ... and other antennas.

Additionally, those listening heard how to write, email, call, and visit their elected officials at the Federal, State, and local levels. Lucas, a non-ham, mentioned his appreciation of the work that hams have done and continue to do in service to their communities.  

He did note, however, that the public perception of ham radio is a user with old tube type equipment using "AM radio" signals.  He learned the various methods "hams" use to communicate including digital radio techniques and satellites.

Kevin O'Dell, N0IRW, right engages in a dialogue
with Frank Lucas (R-OK) spoke to  the ARRL
Section Leadership prior to the League Forum
at the Elk City Hamfest.
Other items discussed were tower light requirements being proposed, the "generator bill", work on "fixing" the text and drive bill, the needs for clubs to have their public information officers work with one another to get the word about local offerings, and the section APRS and VOIP nets.

Overall, the effort was informative and well received, according to Kevin O'Dell, N0IRW, ARRL Section Manager.

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