Wednesday, April 27, 2016

SKYWARN - Storm Spotter nets

Thank you for all your help with the SKYWARN - (Amateur Radio) Storm Spotter nets.

I ask you to remember that it's VERY important to send a net report after every net, including SKYWARN - Storm Spotter nets.

Net reports are very important information that the ARRL compiles and this data is useful in the battle against all that whish to rob Radio Amateurs and our community of our use of these bands.

Here is the information on how & to whom to send net reports to for the Oklahoma section.  Please after any net in which you are Net Contol Station/Operator (NCS), please sent a short net report.
Here's how to and to whom: (see sample report at bottom of this e-mail)

First - Cut and Paste the following list of e-mail addressed into a e-mail:,

Second - Send a brief summary of the net activity:
Net's Name:   (i.e. Smallville Weather SKWARN)Net's Location:  (i.e. NWS Smallville, OK)Agencies Served:  (i.e. NWS or Smallville EM)NCS's info (Name, Call, Phone Number)

Net Start Time - Net End Time
Freq. of Net:
Number of total check-ins:

Any comments: (i.e. 3 Tornados reported, damage reports taken by Smallville EOC on 146.940 etc.)
Note we do NOT need the traffic logs from these Nets... this short report will provided the information needed. Please that the short few minutes and send in a report.

Thank you for your service, Mark Conklin, N7XYO Oklahoma Section Emergency Coordinator

Thanks to Mark, N7XYO for this reminder.

Editor's Note:

Media regularly contacts your Section leadership for details about what is happening in the Section.  Please give reports, as mentioned above, so your efforts can be acknowledged.  

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