Friday, October 2, 2015

Digital participation in the Simulated Emergency Test reported #ARRL #hamradio

The Tulsa Digital Radio Club (TDRC) will be providing several digital modes during the ARES-Oklahoma Simulated Emergency Test (SET), scheduled for Saturday, October 3rd.  Operating times for each mode are listed below and are "local" time:

1) HF Digital on 7036 kHz USB with center frequency of 1500 Hz (+/- QRM).  We will operate beginning at10 AM and send traffic to KC5MWZ in OKC in FLAMP (bulletins) and FLMSG (traffic).  Primary operation will be MFSK-16, with Olivia 8-500 as backup in the event of poor band conditions.  Net control operator will be KT5DIG.  Stations are welcome to copy the FLAMP bulletins and FLMSG traffic and send confirmation copies to AE5ME@YAHOO.COM.  After contact is complete with KC5MWZ, net control will take check-ins from other stations operating on MFSK-16.  At 11 AM, net control will change to PSK31 for those stations that only have PSK capabilities.  HF net will conclude at 12 PM.

2) VHF Digital will be on 146.985 Mhz FM Rose Oklahoma repeater with center frequency of 1500 Hz and PL tone of 110.9 Hz.  Mode will be BPSK-250.  We will operate beginning at 8 AM and will send out FLAMP (bulletins) and FLMSG (traffic).  Net control is KT5DIG, and we will take check-ins from other stations.  Stations are welcome to copy the FLAMP bulletins and FLMSG traffic and send confirmation copies to AE5ME@YAHOO.COM.  VHF net will conclude at 9 AM.

3) VHF APRS will be on 144.39 Mhz.  We will operate beginning at 9 AM and will send out various bulletins.  Net control is AE5ME-10 and we will take check-ins via APRS messages addressed to net control.  We will also be in the ANSRVR group "OKAPRS" for those stations that use ANSRVR.  Stations in "OKAPRS" can send a message to the group and net control will respond.  APRS net operation will conclude at 10 AM.  Several have asked about the emergency power capability of APRS.  We have confirmed that several APRS digipeaters in the greater Tulsa area have emergency backup capability.

The station with the most number of confirmed copies of net traffic from the various modes emailed to AE5ME@YAHOO.COM will receive a certificate of recognition from the TDRC.

Mark Conklin, N7XYO
Oklahoma Section Emergency Coordinator
Amateur Radio Emergency Service

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