Friday, September 5, 2014

Classes offered for Technician and Extra Classes


 Free Amateur Radio Classes On-Line (Tech only), and in person for ANYONE INTERESTED!


 Technician Class - Free amateur radio training is available this year starting Monday, September 8th, 2014 at 6 PM, one session will involve hands-on experience with radios!  All training will be delivered at the Oklahoma City Fire Training center.  In addition, the Technician training sessions will be video recorded and put up on a website for additional study – or Individual Study for those who can't attend in person!

 Extra Class - Free amateur radio training is available starting Monday, September 8th, 2014, at 6 PM.  All training will be delivered at the Oklahoma City Fire Training center.


 There are so many reasons!  Emergency communications and public service, making new friends and learning about exciting new technologies are a few.  See more at:


 The cost is $30 for a book and $15 for the licensing exam fee.

 As the start date is fast approaching, I urge you to call or email me, Paul Thompson at 405-833-2364 to let me know if you will be needing a book(s) and whether you will be a class participant, or wish to attend from the internet only.  I will need the $30 for the book at the first meetingSeptember 8th for Technician and Extra classes.  You can pay the $15 exam fee the day of the exam.


 Both Technician and Extra:  Class room participation is located at OKC Fire Training Center at 800 N. Portland (east side of Portland, just south of OSU-OKC parking lots).


 Technician Class will be available on-line at the Tuttle First Baptist Church web site. The web address:

 When the Tuttle FBC home page comes up double click on the work "connect" in the lower left hand column and then select the church symbol that say "Find the live video stream of our service…….".

 You are now able to select the "Amateur Radio Information" icon or the radio tower labeled "Amateur Radio Class On-Line". The "Amateur Radio Information" has two videos to help explain more about the program. The "Amateur Radio Class On-Line" has the older Technician class videos (not the current question pool) posted at this time.  However, when you attend starting September 8th, at 6:00PM, we will be recording the entire session, which will then be uploaded and available for viewing after the class.  There will be no live call-in available.


 The license is valid for ten years and is renewable without charge indefinitely.

 Two yahoo groups have been formed that will enable group participation in the learning process.  Also, there are a number of resources available for downloading including the weekly quizzes.  Quiz questions are pool questions that have been specially selected to enhance your likelihood of passing the exam.  Once you call and/or email me your email address, I will be sending you an invite to the appropriate yahoo!group.

 Exams will be given on the week before Thanksgiving, on November 17th (Monday) at 6:00 PM.  For those of you out of town or unable to make the first exam session, you may come to the other session the following Saturday at 12 noon.

 If you have questions, you may contact Paul Thompson at 405-833-2364.  Other instructors include: Allen Cope AE5C, Stan Bradley KS5B.

Thanks to Paul Thompson   N5PT for this report.

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