Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mark, @N7XYO, encourages reporting

If your group has provided communications for any community event, bike-ride, fun-run, or other needed communications assistance - the ARRL would like to hear of your valuable service.

Please log-in to and complete a  PUBLIC SERVICE ACTIVITY REPORT.

Once logged-in to the on-line version of the report can be found at listed under "Role Based Activities",scroll down and click on FSD-157: Public Service Activity Report  fill in the blanks, and click submit.  That's it!   It takes just a few minutes and should be done by each Club/Group right after every public service event.


You download and print out a PDF version of the form FSD-157
 at .
Completed the form and then  scan and e-mailed the form to the
Oklahoma Section Emergency Coordinator at

Time and time again I hear after-the-fact of services and actions provided by Amateur Radio groups and volunteers... However, their actions were not documented.  Documentation is VERY important.  Documentation and aids to future planning and training.  It also helps when applying for grants, by not only Amateur Radio groups such as clubs and ARES-OK, but by the many of our groups and served agencies for whom we provides services to.

Please that the short few minutes and send in your report.

Thank you for your service.


Mark Conklin, N7XYO
Oklahoma Section Emergency Coordinator
Amateur Radio Emergency Service
Follow me on Twitter @N7XYO

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