Wednesday, October 16, 2013

More news from Ardmore!

The Oklahoma City Auto Patch Association is conducting Ham Aide this year at Hamarama!

Please share this with any other ham groups you are involved in!

Don't miss this chance to learn about the following topics:

PowerPole connector installation demonstration

Build a dipole wire antenna - with / without BALUN

Build a 3-element 2M tape measure PVC beam antenna

Basic functions and use of an Antenna Analyzer

“Go Kit” display One or more wizards available to
answer any questions regarding ham radio

NOTE: Bring your 2M HT with a charged battery, instruction
manual, programming cable, and programming software for set-up
and programming assistance.

INDIVIDUAL REQUIREMENTS (You will need to provide the following
parts for any projects that you intend to build)


2M 3-Element PVC Beam (total cost at Home Depot is less than $11,
excluding coax connector and clamps):

1 each 2-ft long ½-inch Schedule 40 PVC cut as follows:

11 5/8-inch

6 3/4-inch

Left over piece will become the handle

1 each ½-inch Schedule 40 PVC tee

2 each ½-inch Schedule 40 PVC crosses 1 each 45 degree
½-inch Elbow

1 each 5-inch AWG #12 copper wire (to be supplied by OCAPA) 6
each ½-inch Stainless Steel hose clamps or other means to
secure antenna elements to PVC crosses - I used duct tape & tie

9 1/2-ft of 1-inch wide steel tape measure tape

RG58/U or RG-8X Coaxial Cable.

Coaxial connector such as a PL-259, BNC, etc. to fix cable


Dipole Antenna (cost dependent on band and whether or not a BALUN
is used):

140-ft of #12 or #14 AWG wire for 80M dipole

70-ft of #12 or #14 AWG wire for 40M dipole

35-ft of #12 or #14 AWG wire for 20M dipole

Dipole Center insulator or 1:1 BALUN

2 each end insulators
deal + 20 extra prize tickets!!!

Thanks to David Bond for this information.

Are you going to attend?

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