Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tour de Trykes and Twilight Criterium August 18 #EnidOK

Calling all Amateurs,

  On August 18 beginning at 6:00 AM (Setup) the Enid Amateur Radio Club and ARES group will once again be helping with ALL communications for the Annual AMBUCS Tour de Trykes and Twilight Criterium. The Tour will begin early Saturday morning and should be over by 3:00 PM. The Criterium will begin at 6:30 PM and should be over about 9:30 PM.

  Tim McAnally - KD5KTB will be Net Control Operator for both events.
There will be at least 2 and maybe 4 net controllers needed for these events. If you are interested in being a net control, contact Tim McAnally.

  We need at least 15 volunteers for the Tour and 10 for the Criterium in addition to the Net Control Operators.

  The tour will require air conditioned vehicles with external antennas and a 2 meter radio with at least 25 watts output.  Each Tour volunteer will need to be prepared to be self sufficient during the day and carry at least 4 iced bottles of water. 

  The water can be provided if you let me know prior to the event.
We expect the weather to be HOT and everyone will need to stay hydrated.

  The criterium will require HT's and FRS radios. There are going to be several AMBUCS volunteers manning the intersections and we plan to provide an FRS radio at each of these locations. 

If you can provide an FRS radio for this event, please let Tim know.
We will also need HAM's with HT's located at strategic locations on the course and some locations may REQUIRE a ham radio to communicate via the repeater to net control as well.

  I plan to have net control centrally located on the square for the criterium event with some of the same equipment from the Tour event. Setup will begin around 3 PM for the criterium.

  Tee shirts will be provided to those who volunteer prior to August 16th. After that, tee shirts will be on a first come basis and availability. The tee shirts this year will have the Club logo on them so they will be a nice keep sake.

  Please call Tim McAnally - KD5KTB at 580-747-5987 Or if you plan to be available for any part of these events on August 18. You can work as long or as short as you require, but we need your help.

Calling ALL Amateurs.

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