Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oklahoma Section Update

Hello everyone. First let me apologize for my tardiness with any news
updates. The first 3 months of the year and even into this month have
been hectic to say the least. With Wilma retiring and us starting to
take care of our now 8 month old grandson back in January, sharing
sinus infections, the long process of getting my only son married off,
attending another family wedding in FARRRRR west Texas, it's bee a
long 3 months.

Then on April 3rd, we lost a very good friend both to myself and to
ham radio. Michael W. Key, N5KEY passed away that evening quietly and
with his family and friends around him. I have known Mike since high
school, in fact we met at a field day. Mike was a ham's ham. He
firmly believed that "real radios glow in the dark". Mike supported
his local clubs and the section. Mike was a VE, EC, DEC, ASEC and
SEC. He believed in the ARES program 110%. He will be missed.

On to other things……..

In March I had the pleasure of attending the Severe Weather Workshop
in Norman to assist Ken Bailey, K1FUG from HQ with the ARRL Booth. We
met and got to chat with lots of folks, a lot of which we got to steer
toward getting their ticket.

That Saturday, ASEC Charles Goodson, KC5UEG and I attended the Elk
City Hamfest. As usual, the guys and gals in western Oklahoma did a
great job. If you have never been to their fest, you need to make the
trip. Great people, brisk sales (I sold almost everything I took) and
GREAT food! And if you travel I-40 you get to see a couple of
impressive wind turbine farms….(now these would make great repeater

Sadly I had to miss Green Country Hamfest as that was the weekend my
son Christopher, N5CMO, got married. I got a great daughter-in-law
out of the deal. But even though it was my only son, and given the
fact that I had to wear a tux…….quess what I would have really chosen
to do…….and it doesn't include formal wear. I do want to thank Eddie
Manley, K5EMS, Mark Conklin, N7XYO, Kansas Section Manager Ron D.
Cowan, KB0DTI and Larry Wolfgang, WR1B for taking care of the duties
with the League booth and running the ARRL forum. I got great reports
from everyone I have talked to about how good this year's fest was.
The Viking Radio Club in Lawton has been busy, as usual. This is
really a neat bunch of kids with a real passion for amateur radio.

Here is their latest news…..

With a wet spring break behind us (and plenty of green grass cutting
in front of us), Mr. Harper has re-started Saturday classes to help
students that want or need extra help understanding the materials to
secure a license. The next test session will be before the end of
April. Classes are held in his classroom, number 250, from about 10
until 12.

Mr. Harper and the Viking Radio Club have been invited to participate
in Lawton's annual sharing of our cultural differences, during the
International Festival. W5KS will be asked to provide their support
trailer to set up an educational theme – the role amateur radio
continues to offer young minds.

The Missouri QSO Party is in full swing this weekend and students that
stick around will get a chance jump in and have some fun, maybe on 40
meters for a while. Will also jump over to 20 meters for more fun.
Look for K5USA or KF5CRF around 14.295 +- operating from their school
station, from about noon until 4pm central time.

A handful of students have become a bit overwhelm as a result of thier
first session (good news, no one cried this time). Yes, there is a
lot to learn about amateur radio, and the learning does not stop after
the first license. Many students have struggled with the material
much longer than your child, but they continued with the program and
today enjoy amateur radio privileges. Your child can achieve success
in the program too.

During last nights weekly net, I heard one of Mr. Harper's students,
Tyler KF5PBN getting on the net for the first time with that brand new
callsign. In the background was Bill, W5SZ, Tyler's grandfather,
together they are going to put up an HF station and be on the air
frequently. Both were invited to come to Saturday breakfast – do
teenage boys get up that early on Saturdays? Bill, the PL is 173.8 or
bring that HT and we'll program the PL for you. Congratulations to
both of you.

The Viking Radio Club holds a daily net on 14.290 MHz from about 8:30a
until 9:20a Central Time. They are already getting regular school
contacts that stop in and visit, while they operating from their
school station, KF5CRF. If you can, join in when time allows. There
are several new students in the program, please be patient if you hear
a bit of a pause.

Thanks Paul for the update. I'm hoping to get out there in the fall.

Filed Day 2012

It's not to late to be thinking and planning Field Day. Make sure you
put your groups Field Day site on the League's database. I use this
database to decide where I can visit on Field Day Saturday. I don't
know how we did it, but Jim and I missed the meal everywhere we went
by about an hour…….I gotta plan better. Here's the link to the
database sign up……

Events in the section coming up…….

June 23-24 Field Day

July 27-28 Ham Holiday OKC, ARRL President Kay
Craigie, N3KN will be
the guest of the OKC crew.

I want to thank everyone in the section that has helped with the
severe weather we have had so far this year. Whether spotter or
helping in the clean up, your efforts are really appreciated. A
special thank you to the Tri-State Amateur Radio Group (TSARG) in
northwestern Oklahoma for assisting Emergency Management with the
coordination and intake if donated supplies in the aftermath of the
Woodward storm. Good job guys.

Last Minute News!

We just received the word that not only will Governor Mary Fallin make
a Proclamation to make the week of June 17th Amateur Radio Week in
Oklahoma, but she will personally present the proclamation to members
of the section cabinet in late May. We will get photos!

Until next time…….

Kevin O'Dell, N0IRW
Oklahoma Section Manager

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