Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Boy Scout Jamboree on the Air

Communications folks, making sure that you are aware that this weekend is the Boy Scout Jamboree on the Air.  This is a yearly worldwide event that introduces youth to amateur radio, and also allows Scouts to connect/fellowship with other Scouts in far-away places.

There are numerous JOTA activities around.  Here in Oklahoma City, there will be activities at John Nichols Scout Ranch including having radios on-the-air for Scouts, an electronic fox-hunt (radio detection/direction-finding); and a hands-on demonstration of radiosurgery.  The day will end at John Nichols with attempting to make voice and visual contact with the International Space Station.

I know there is also a JOTA event going on at Dripping Springs Scout Camp near Arapaho, one over around Shawnee, and I think there are a couple of other places in the state.

For those of you who are hams, here are the freqs:
Operating Frequencies
The following frequencies are those established by the World Scout Bureau for use during the JOTA weekend.
Amateur Band
80 meters
3.69 & 3.94 MHz
3.57 MHz
40 meters
7.19 & 7.27 MHz
7.03 MHz
20 meters
14.29 MHz
14.06 MHz
17 meters
18.14 MHz
18.08 MHz
15 meters
21.36 MHz
21.14 MHz
12 meters
24.96 MHz
24.91 MHz
10 meters
28.39 MHz
28.18 MHz
These are "calling frequencies". After contact has been made, you should move off that frequency (either above or below) to continue your contact and allow others to use the calling frequency.
Note: D-STAR reflectors REF019A and REF019C will also be active for JOTA weekend.
If you have the opportunity, go by and say "hi" to the Scouts at one of the events, take some gear and help some Scouts, and/or monitor some of the freqs and make contacts.

(If you're not around Boy Scouts, there is also a merit badge for "Radio" that they can earn.  Here's a great opportunity to be an "Elmer" (mentor)!)

 Thanks to Gayland Kitch, WX5MOR for this information.

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