Thursday, August 11, 2011

National Preparedness Month #NPM11

This just came in today - and there are only 3 weeks left before
September, (yikes!) so time to sign up is short.  In the past years,
clubs and ARES groups have been among the very top activities listed on
this national government website - and it got noticed!  It doesn't
require you to do much more than what your groups is probably doing
already, so there's no reason not to sign in.  Besides that, you can get
good materials for newsletters and promotional media for free from them.

Once you sign up, look around their website - there are places you can
post pictures and stories on their national website too.

It's a no-brainer for PIOs and national exposure.

-Allen   w1agp

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Dear FEMA National Preparedness Month Partner,

We at the Ready Campaign appreciate your commitment over the years to
preparing our nation in the event of a disaster. We noticed that you
have not yet signed up to be a 2011 NPM Coalition Member this year.  We
need your commitment to join us again.  Coalition Members have to renew
their commitment each year by registering on the NPM website, which
takes just 2 minutes!

This year is going to be our biggest National Preparedness Month ever,
and we know that you will want to be a part of it. We listened to your
comments from last year and have made a lot of improvements to our site
based on that feedback.  You'll be connected to new partners in
preparedness in your region.

Here's the new website:

This year, once you've registered, you will have access to:

1. National and Regional discussion forums so you can engage with fellow
Coalition Members as well as FEMA representatives.

2. Event Calendars to post and promote your preparedness events at both
the National and Regional level.

3. Success Stories so you can share your experiences and read about what
other groups have done for inspiration.

4. All of the Coalition Member resources we've made available, including
this year's toolkit, banners, and customizable materials.

Thank you for the support and work you've already done this year. If you
have any questions, email us at <>

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