Monday, July 25, 2011

Oklahoma ham makes ISS Contact

I've posted details of my tape rule antenna construction and successful APRS contact with a flyover of the International Space Station.

I used our Logan County Scouting "club" callsign of WB5BSA and posted the url of up there.  Somewhere there a just a few bytes of us on the ISS.

Hopefully my link works below.  Google + is still new but offers better blog-like posts than what I could do with FaceBook.

Let me know if you have trouble viewing.  If so, here's the YouTube video of the experience with tips.

A surprise contact was made during the encounter.  Clayton Coleman W5PFG was on an OA campout near Palestine TX and sent us a message after recognizing our callsign.

He was using a small radio and an arrow antenna along with a PC and typed a message which got back down to me.  I didn't realize it until after the flyover was over.  The text is on the video. We contacted each other by email and will be sending QSL cards.



Thanks to Doug Cook, KD5PDN and Oscar Staudt, WB5GCX for details about this event.


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