Wednesday, June 29, 2011

4th of July events

With burn bans in place for much of the western part of Oklahoma, hams may need a rest from popping fireworks, which in the burn bans are in place.

Two events, both with Technician class operator opportunity are happening this weekend.

The first is the 13 Colonies event.

All HF bands will be in play except the WARC bands and 60 meters. 2 meters and 6 meter simplex are encouraged.  While most of the effort in Oklahoma may be on 40 and 20, band openings on six and the 10-meter segment will give Technicians an opportunity for this event.

The next event is the Spirit of 76 event from 10-10 Net International.

This event, started first time last year, allows for multiple contacts using multiple modes.  For example, CW, PSK, FM, AM, SSB all count as points.  While the Technicians are limited to the mode and frequency so they can't operate AM or FM subbands, this is a fun event.

One Oklahoma ham made most of his contacts last year in the Technician band.

There's your reason to stay inside and not pop firecrackers this weekend.


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